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Immersion Cooling Primer

Immersion Cooling Primer

  • Published On: 14 Oct 2022
  • Categories: Miners

What is immersion cooling?


As far as computing efficiency goes, immersion cooling has tremendous upsides but has had a misunderstood upbringing in the technosphere. It has recently garnered great interest for high-stakes cryptocurrency mining. Processors and chips that are in a constant state of operation, generating substantial amounts of heat, can be cooled most effectively and safely by being submerged in a thermally conductive dielectric fluid. During the process, the heated fluid is passed over heat exchangers and plates that are affixed to radiators or fans, much in the same way an air conditioner works.


How does it benefit my ASIC?


There are four main reasons for going the immersion cooling route.


Durability – The miner will be able to withstand higher temperature outputs with a lower possibility of damage to any connected hardware. The added reliability of the hashboards and longer lifespan to components is a consideration that would otherwise wear down quicker due to the rigorous forces and poor heat dissipation of standard air-cooled solutions.


Noise – Immersion cooling systems are practically silent in comparison to air-cooled solutions, which can screech at 80 decibels. The coolant does not need to undergo any active refrigeration process or pressurization. Since the coolant is maintaining a consistent temperature, it can be circulated by the system’s pipes and pump freely without risk.


Maintenance – Keeping the tank clean and operating smoothly is never a hassle as the system is fairly isolated from outside elements such as dust or debris, eliminating the consideration of dust or dirt clogging vital components and obstructing airflow.


Performance – With upgraded firmware, fan rpm simulation spoofers, and improved power supplies– an ASIC is able to achieve overclocked hashrate figures between 30%-60%, drastically speeding up return-on-investment.


Enter the FogHashing C1 & B6D


To purchase the C1 Kit:


C1 Tank
Outer Size 410(L)*400(W)*475(H) mm
Inner Size 320(L)*210(W)*370(H) mm
Weight 20 Kg
Input Voltage Single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Coolant Volume 26-30L
Max Capacity 4300W@30°C
Power 100W
Dry cooler
Size 570(L)*310(W)*530(H) mm

751(L)*274(W)*630(H) mm (Ultra)

Weight 16kg / 28 Kg (Ultra)
Input Voltage Single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz
Coolant Volume 26-30L
Max Capacity 4300W@30°C
Power 180W / 250W (Ultra)

The quiet but highly-capable Foghashing C1 is curated specifically for ASIC home mining. The C1 combined with its powerful dry cooler makes overclocking easier and provides mainstream miners with the optimum performance to go 20% – 50% above the hash rate. Its more capable twin, the Foghashing C1 ultra edition provides a working environment for ambient temperatures exceeding 40°C and allows for more overclocking and comes with its own modified dry cooler.


With its precise temperature-controlling abilities and high cooling efficiency, a lower fault rate is guaranteed along with little maintenance, high stability and long life of an ASIC surpassing 5 years of operation. The C1 is compatible with most ASIC models in the market, holding 1 unit of Antminer S19 or Whatsminer M50 for example.


Fog Hashing B6D Ultra Immersion Cooling Tank


B6D Dry Cooler
Outer Size 1569(L)*952(W)*440(H) mm
Heat Transfer 30KW@30°C
Weight 117kg
Input Voltage 3-phase 380-415V 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature -10°C – 40°C
Cooling Capacity 14L
Power 580W x2
Air Volume 13000m3/h
Pipe Diameter 580W x2
Pipeline DN25
Noise 5m x2


The Fog Hashing B6D immersion cooling tank comes with, the B6-30kW and a dry cooler, capable of holding up to 6 miners. An efficient and economical solution, the B6D allows you to overclock and extract the most hashing performance out of your ASICS. This cutting-edge tank is most convenient for professional small to mid-scale mining operations and can be stacked and grouped on the B6R rackmount system.


Using only fluid circulation, the B6D tanks eliminate the exchange of secondary heat.

Manufactured for high-heat environments, the miner is able to function normally up to 40°C. Additionally, its cooling capacity will precisely adjust according to ambient temperature change and automatically adjust the fan speed to achieve dynamic energy-saving, providing a seamless overclocking and cooling experience.


Fog Hashing BC40 and BC20 Immersion Cooling Container






12192x2438x2896 mm

6058x2438x2896 mm

Amount of machines

252 mining machines

108 mining machines

Input Voltage

3-phase 380V or 415V 50/60 hz

Power load (max)

1.6MW (Overclocked)

0.7MW (Overclocked)

Output Voltage

200-240V, 50/60hz


100 Mbps Ethernet switch


Exhaust fans *4

External Cooling

Closed water cooling tower


UL Classification / CSG

Ambient Temperature


Channel Width

1m safety and maintenance channel



The Fog Hashing BC40 and BC20 container deployments approach offers ready-to-deploy turnkey solution for medium to large scale mining operations. Built to last, the container is designed for more than 10 years of continuous operation and can withstand strong winds even up to 60 m/s.


The container is able to automatically adjust to ambient temperature changes, become energy efficient at different times of the year and reduce PUE to lower than 1.03. The IPXS waterproof requirements are met along with emergency protection in case of power and/or water failure, ensuring your safety needs. The container’s harmonised integration with a refrigeration system, includes a VFD speed pump set, water storage, water processor, and IoT sensor. This allows for optimal use, designed to save downtime and make the most of container space. All major settings can be configured remotely via phone or desktop browser.


The clever use of a closed-circuit DWT-T cooling tower – which uses evaporative water cooling for water cooling is more effective and more economical than any other way available in the market. This feature allows the water to be recycled better while having low operation and maintenance costs.


Both containers BC20 and BC40 containers are highly dense with quick and flexible deployment that can hold hundreds of miners. The only difference between the two is size and capacity.


BC40 – 40 foot container: Can hold 252 ASIC miners and 1.6MW max. 14* B6R racks


BC20 – 20 foot container: Can hold 108 ASIC miners and 0.7MW max  6* B6R racks


Viperatech offers a range of above cooling immersion kits by Fog Hashing at competitive pricing with full installation guidance and no import duties for North American, GCC and European buyers.