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Say hello to infinite possibilities with the world’s first Rollable OLED Stripping away the traditional concept of a screen, Rollable OLED is more than just your average display.

Take Advantage of the Extra Space Once Occupied by a Screen

Rollable OLED offers new possibilities for interior design. With the option to roll up and roll down the display, Rollable OLED gives more room for creativity in interior design by eliminating the large blank presence – the display. Roll up, or roll down the screen to use it in more ways than a standard display. From a smaller linear display to the traditionally
This groundbreaking design is made possible with the exclusive OLED technology for Rollable displays. Experience the endless possibilities of a display with Rollable OLED.

Self-illuminated, Rollable display made possible with OLED’s backlight-free technology

Rollable OLED is made possible by the industry-leading OLED technology, which is characterized by the thin sheet of glass and polarizers protecting the organic layers from humidity. Rollable OLED Panel takes advantage of the backlight-free feature of OLED, by keeping the display thin and flexible. This means that while Rollable OLED maintains its high definition display, it can also be rolled up out of the sight into a housing case.

Presenting Rolling OLED: the All-round Player in Display

Rollable OLED’s versatile nature allows the screen to be tucked away when not in use, and rolled back up to tailor to your needs simply with a click.


The fully extended Rollable OLED boasts none other than the aspect ratio of a traditional widescreen TV. So whether you’re watching content in high definition or not, everything on the screen remains vivid and sharp.


Experience unparalleled level of immersion with Rollable OLED’s 21:9 aspect ratio. Watch movies shot in ultra-wide resolution as they were intended to be seen in theaters. Play video games to plunge directly into larger-than-life gameplay without the letterbox and black bars.


Transform your display from a full-sized TV screen into your personal dashboard. Whether it’s keeping up with your playlist, checking the weather or planning out your day, Rollable OLED can cater to your day-to-day with the widgets of your choice.


Hide your Rollable OLED from view when you need to take a break from screens. You may be surprised to find what’s been waiting for you behind the screens all this time! Simply roll the screen back up when you’re ready to pick up where you left off.

Redefining Space: Maximizing the Use of Space

TVs no longer have to be mounted to the wall or consume a chunk of your time with the installation process.
With Rollable OLED, you will be liberated from the burdens and the limitations of the wall.
Step out of your comfort zone and feel free to curate your space in all ways imaginable.
You’ll soon realize that Rollable OLED can enrich and blend in with your surroundings, regardless of where it is.

The freedom you’ve only imagined is now a reality

Need an immediate change of scenery? Roll up or roll down your Rollable OLED to enjoy the view – whether it is a beautiful landscape or your favorite show.

An added touch of exclusivity at your private office

Match your uniqueness with the correct use of space Utilize your office space. most effectively by using Rollable OLED as a partial wall divider. Don’t be afraid to let Rollable OLED play a major role in rearranging your office.

No Hassle with Trouble-free installation

Forget the drills, screws and the heavy-lifting. Rollable OLED is easy to install and transport, even in areas that are constrained by space.

Going above and beyond spatial limitations

TV installed ubiquitously is no longer a mere flight of fantasy. Thanks to its easy installation process, Rollable OLED is making its way to places like first-class lounges and premium service centers.


List Rollable OLED
Size  65”
Resolution UHD (3,840 x 2,160)
Luminance (APL* 25/100%) 450 / 135nit
Color Gamut (DCI) 99%
Curvature radius
All images used are for illustrative purposes only.
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