Bitmain ANTPDU PW12V1 For T21, S21, S19, T19 K7, X5, KA3, KS3


Input Voltage: 346-480V AC, 3P+N+PE

Frequency: 50/60Hz

Input Current: 100A, 3P

Output Rating: 83kW

Output Voltage: 3 Phase 346-480V AC or 200-277V AC Single Phase

Output Bits: 12 Port 6pin + 1 Port 4pin

Protect Grade: IP20

Working Temperature: -20~40℃

Working Humidity: 5%-90%RH (No condensing)

Altitude: ≤2000m

Storage Temperature: -40~70℃

Storage Humidity: 5%-95%RH (No condensing)

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer replacement


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  • Versatile Power Supply Solution: Output Voltage Specifications

    This power supply unit offers remarkable versatility with its output voltage specifications. Capable of delivering 3 Phase 346-480V AC and 200-277V AC Single Phase outputs, it accommodates a wide range of electrical requirements, making it suitable for various applications. Whether powering industrial machinery or providing electricity for commercial settings, this power supply unit ensures reliable performance and consistent power delivery. With its adaptable output voltage options, users can confidently rely on this unit to meet their diverse power supply needs with efficiency and precision.

Specifications Details
Product Glance
Input Parameters
Input Voltage 346-480V AC, 3P+N+PE
Frequency 50/60Hz
Input Current 100A, 3P
Detailed Characteristics
Output Parameters
Output Rating 83kW
Output Voltage 3 Phase 346-480V AC
200-277V AC, Single phase
Output Bits 12 Port 6pin+1 Port 4pin
Protect Grade IP20
Working Environment
Working Temperature -20~40℃
Working Humidity 5%-90%RH (No condensing)
Altitude ≤2000m
Storage Temperature -40~70℃
Storage Humidity 5%-95%RH (No condensing)



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