Peladn AMD RX 6750 XT / 6650 XT 12G TAICHI OC

✓ Model: RX 6750 XT TAICHI OC
✓ Graphics Chip: Navi22
✓ Cuda Core: 2560
✓ Graphics Ram Size: 12GB
✓ Graphics Ram: GDDR6
✓ Core Frequency: 2554 MHz
✓ Memory Clock Speed: 18000 MHz
✓ Memory Bus Width: 192-bit
✓ Power Consumption: 230W
✓ Product Dimensions: 317mm x 129mm x 53mm
✓ Video Output: 3x DisplayPort (DP), HDMI
✓ Power Interface: 8+6-Pin
✓ Recommended Power: 650W

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    RX 6750 XT TAICHI OC: Powerhouse Graphics

    The RX 6750 XT TAICHI OC is a graphics card built for high-performance tasks. With the Navi22 graphics chip and 2560 Cuda cores, this GPU is tailored for demanding gaming and content creation. Its generous 12GB of GDDR6 graphics RAM ensures smooth and efficient handling of graphics-intensive tasks. With a core frequency of 2554 MHz and a memory clock speed of 18000 MHz, the card delivers a robust graphics experience. The 192-bit memory bus width allows for efficient data transfer. Despite its power, the card maintains a manageable power consumption of 230W. Measuring 317mm x 129mm x 53mm, it offers versatility for different PC case sizes. Three DisplayPort and HDMI video outputs provide flexibility for multi-monitor setups. The power interface is an 8+6-Pin configuration, and a recommended power supply of 650W ensures optimal performance. The RX 6750 XT TAICHI OC is a top choice for those who require top-tier graphics capabilities without compromise.

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    RX 6650 XT TAICHI: Balanced Performance

    The RX 6650 XT TAICHI is a graphics card designed for those seeking a balance of performance and efficiency. It features the Navi23 graphics chip with 2048 Cuda cores, offering reliable performance for various tasks. With 8GB of GDDR6 graphics RAM, it provides ample memory for gaming and content creation. The core frequency of 2410 MHz and a memory clock speed of 17500 MHz, along with a 128-bit memory bus width, ensure a responsive experience. Despite its capabilities, it maintains a power consumption of 165W, making it an energy-efficient choice. With dimensions of 317mm x 128mm x 53mm, it fits into various PC cases with ease. The GPU offers flexibility with three DisplayPort and HDMI video outputs and uses an 8-Pin power interface. A recommended power supply of 550W ensures reliable operation. The RX 6650 XT TAICHI is an excellent option for users who require a combination of performance and efficiency in their graphics card.

Specification RX 6750 XT TAICHI OC RX 6650 XT TAICHI
Graphics Chip Navi22 Navi23
Cuda Core 2560 2048
Graphics Ram Size 12GB 8GB
Graphics Ram GDDR6 GDDR6
Core Frequency 2554 MHz 2410 MHz
Memory Clock Speed 18000 MHz 17500 MHz
Memory Bus Width 192-bit 128-bit
Power Consumption 230W 165W
Product Dimensions 317mm x 129mm x 53mm 317mm x 128mm x 53mm
Video Output 3x DisplayPort (DP), HDMI 3x DisplayPort (DP), HDMI
Power Interface 8+6-Pin 8-Pin
Recommended Power 650W 550W



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