Advisory: KS5 and KS5 Pro first batch orders placed before March 20th have been dispatched. Supermicro HGX and Nvidia DGX systems have increase lead times and revised pricing. Please note all S21 generation ASICs from Bitmain now include a P13 to C20 cord. Credit Card payments will only work if USD or AED currency is selected. Vipera now offers turn-key setup services mid-large mining operations. 1MW hosting colocation for UAE will expand in Q2, 2024. Financing for crypto mining related hardware in the USA and Canada has been suspended until further notice.

Elevate Your Message with Vipera's Transparent LED Displays

Discover the essence of innovation with Vipera's range of Transparent LED Displays, featuring the advanced M3, M6, and M10 Adhesive LED Film series. Designed for impactful branding and messaging, these state-of-the-art displays transform any business environment. Our selection promises creativity, unmatched clarity, and vibrant delivery of your message. Chosen for their excellence, our displays redefine how you communicate visually. Elevate your space with our cutting-edge technology and make a lasting impression.
  • 3 year warranty

  • High Brightness

  • Fully Modular

  • Durable


Be the Change.
Be a Crypto Pioneer.

As an authorized reseller of Bitmain, Jasminer, Goldshell, Canaan, MicroBt and IceRiver, we are committed to bringing you state-of-the-art, brand new cryptocurrency mining products that are backed by our extended 1-3 year warranties and 24/7 technical support. These systems are dynamic, purpose-built applications that facilitate incredibly complex computing necessary to create and maintain a cryptocurrency's transaction network. Our ASIC and FPGA models for Bitcoin and Altcoins such as Ethereum Classic, Kaspa, Doge and others, are known for their optimal power consumption efficiency and rapid return on investment.

Jasminer X44-Q Quiet 7800MH/s 780W (ETC/ZIL)

Goldshell AL BOX 360GH/s 180W (ALPH)


Jasminer X44-P 23,400 MH/s 2340W (ETC/ZIL)

IceRiver KS5L 12TH/s 3400W (KAS)


Bitmain Antminer S21 Pro 234TH/s 3510W


Bombax EZ100 12500Mh/s 2300W (ETC/ZIL)


MicroBT WhatsMiner M63S Hydro 416TH/s 7500W


Superscalar ColEngine P2/K10+ FPGA 1458W (ALPH/RXD/IRON/KLS/NXL)


Canaan AvalonMiner A1466 150TH/s 3230W


Goldshell KA BOX 1.18TH/s 400W (KAS)


Elphapex DG1 11,000MH/s 3420W (LTC/DOGE)


Bitmain Antminer KS5 Pro 21TH/s 3150W (KAS)


Bitmain Antminer T19 Pro Hydro 235T 5170W


IBeLink BM-N3 Mini 1.8TH/S 295W (CKB)


IBeLink BM-K3 Mini 5TH/s (KDA)


iBeLink BM-KS Max 10.5Th/s 3400W (KAS)


Goldshell SC5 Pro 11TH/s 2820W (SC)


Goldshell SC Lite 4.4TH/s 950W (SC)


MicroBT WhatsMiner M60S 180TH/s 3182W


Canaan AvalonMiner A1326 100TH/s 3300W


Our LG Products

LG Innovation Built To Impress

Our select range of LG commercial displays are especially sought-after by customers looking to make a lasting impact with their brand and message. LG's newest display lineup will completely transform your business and allow you to experience a level of creativity through unmatched innovation. LG has revolutionized the way you can carry out your message, and Vipera has chosen them exclusively as for all OLED and signage projects.

Cool n' Quiet

Scale Your Mining Op


Overpowered. Quiet. Efficient.

  • UsersLarge-scale mining operation users.
  • FastHas redundant design to minimize downtime.
  • SpaceMaximize the use of container space, with adequate maintenance space, and safety design considerations.
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Download our media kit with quick overview and specifications of our various industry-leading digital display and computing lineup.


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