PDU Power Distribution Unit Immersion Cooling
PDU Power Distribution Unit Immersion Cooling
PDU Power Distribution Unit Immersion Cooling

OIT Smart Power Distribution Unit PDU 30XC19 415V


OIT 200A PDU Intelligent ON/OFF 3phase 3xC13 30XC19 415V Smart PDU Power Distribution Unit for Immersion Cooling and Rack Systems. 2 year warranty included. CE, RoHS, cUL, CSA rated.

1. Remote Network Management
A. Cascade Management (SNMP V1.V2.V3)
B. Wifi Connecting
C. Data Graphical Display
D. User Management
E. The Log Saved
F. Multiple Alarm Mode
G. Access Management,By Telnet,Ssh Or Modbus-Rtu
H. Multiple Output Options


2. Monitoring Function
A. Input Voltage
B. Total Load Current
C. Total Power (KW)
D. Energy Consumption (KWH)
E. Total Power Factor
F. Each Outlet Power Draw
G. Each Unit Energy Consumption


3. Control Function
A. On / Off Control For Each Outlet
B. On / Off Time Setting For Each Outlet
C. Boot Time Delay Setting
D. Set Current Limit For Each Outlet
E. Overload Protection (Automatic Power-Off)


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Input Voltage

Output Voltage

380V~/3 phase(LLLNG)

220V~ WYE

415V~/3 phase(LLLNG)

240V~ WYE

433V~/3 phase(LLLNG)

250V~ WYE

208V~/3 phase(LLLG)

208V~ Delta(option)

480V~/3 phase(LLLNG)

277V~ WYE

Input Characteristics

Input Connector

200Ax5wires(or junction box,input breaker optional,price difference,)





30pcs/1P*20A Hydraulic Breaker



Net weight


Wire specification

UL certification , with flame retardant function



Output Characteristics

Total Current

Max 200A

Rating Output Voltage


Max Output Power for Each Outlet

Total Output Power

Under 208V, Max 4160W per Outlet

Under 220V, Max 4400W per Outlet

Under 240V, Max 4800W per Outlet

Under 250V, Max 5000W per Outlet

WYE Max 144KW

Socket Standard

30pcs C19(Can be changed as client request)

Remote Control

Remote control on/off for each outlet by TCP/IP.



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