Intel® Blockscale™ ASIC 1000-Series (BTC)


Intel’s Blockscale (codenamed Bonanza) is a relatively small, SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm-256) hardware accelerator for blockchain proof-of-work consensus applications. Being an ASIC, the chips have been designed from the ground up with these workloads in mind, sacrificing the versatility of CPUs and GPUs in exchange for much higher throughput and power efficiency compared to other mining approaches.

Vipera has worked diligently and secured an agreement with Intel to provide this revolutionary and disruptive next-gen SHA256 mining solution to customers. Details on pricing, availabilities and order quantities will be available closer to launch at the end of Q4 2022.


Update 19.04.2023: Intel has informed us they will no longer ship out Blockscale chips to our select customers who have acquired them and took deliveries in 2022 and 2023. The offering has been discontinued indefinitely. For servicing and warranty claims, please consult your designated sales representative for details.

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  • Intel Blockscale Technology sets a new standard for customizable, energy efficient cryptocurrency mining.

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    Energy Efficient

    Hashing for the Future

    Cryptocurrency mining increasingly demands customized solutions to meet power, efficiency and other unique requirements.

    Building on years of experience with optimized hashing functions, Intel delivers the Intel® Blockscale™ ASIC, a SHA-256 (Secure Hash Algorithm-256) hardware accelerator for blockchain proof-of-work consensus applications.

    Optimized for energy efficient hashing, the accelerator enables customized cryptocurrency mining, thereby lowering the total cost of ownership by allowing system designs to be tailored to end user requirements.

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    A New Generation

    of ASICs

    Intel Blockscale ASICs are built for the demanding environment of cryptocurrency mining. Each ASIC has built-in temperature and voltage sensor capabilities. The accelerator can be operated across a range of frequencies, enabling system designers to balance performance and efficiency.


    The Intel Blockscale ASIC is supported by a reference hardware design and software stack to jump-start system development.

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    ✔ Uni-cast, multi-cast & broadcast capability to SHA-256 cores

    ✔ Support for up to 256 integrated circuits per chain
    ✔ UART Interface with variable baud-rate (Max 10 Mbps)
    ✔ On-chip temperature and voltage sensing capability

Hash Rate (GH/s) Up to 580 TH/s
Power Consumption Up to 26 J/TH
Power Efficiency 40.2 Th/s +/-5%
Package Flip-chip LGA

7.5 x 7 mm




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