Superscalar K10 FPGA 45GH/s 1700W (KAS/RXD/IRON/ALPH)

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Introducing the Superscalar K10 FPGA. This ASIC is specifically designed to mine Kaspa coin on the kHeavyHash algorithm, a promising digital currency that is gaining popularity and rapid profitability in the crypto space. It has higher performance and value that the e300 FPGA that is the only alternative that is not GPU oriented.

The intricate kHeavyHash algorithm is specifically designed to optimize the proof-of-work behind KAS, making it one of the most efficient mining machines on the market today. With a hash rate of 30 GH/s, the Superscaler K10 is capable of mining up to 686 Kaspa coins per day currently. With only a power consumption of 1700W continuous, this miner is one of the most efficient ASIC miners as of posting, which means you’ll be able to mine Kaspa coin while keeping your energy costs low.

Includes 6 months manufacturer warranty. Power supply is included. Other supported coins: Alephium ALPH, Radiant RXD, IronFish IRON.


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Specification Detail
Manufacturer Superscalar
Model K10
Hashrate (±10%) 30.00 Gh/s
Power Consumption (±10%) 1700 W
Noise Level 75 Db
Number of Fans 2
Interface Ethernet
Operating Temperature 5-35 °C
Operating Humidity 5-95 %



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