NVIDIA L2 Enterprise 24GB

GPU Architecture: NVIDIA Ada Lovelace

GPU Memory: 24 GB GDDR6 with ECC

Memory Bandwidth: 300 GB/s

Tensor Cores:

  • INT8 | FPB Tensor Core®: 193 TFLOPS
  • BF16 | FP16 Tensor Core*: 96.5 TFLOPS
  • TF32 Tensor Core*: 48.3 TFLOPS

FP32 Processing Power: 24.1 TFLOPS

FP64 Processing Power: N/A

RT Core: Yes

MIG Support: Yes

L2 Cache: 36 MB

Media Engine:

  • 2 NVENC (+AV1)
  • 4 NVDEC
  • 4 NVJPEG

Power Consumption: TBD

Form Factor: 1-slot LP

Interconnect: PCIe Gen4 x16 with a speed of 64 GB/s



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    NVIDIA's L2 PCle: Elevating Performance in a Compact Form Factor

    NVIDIA's L2 PCle, part of the Ada Lovelace architecture, stands out as a powerful GPU designed for optimal performance in a compact 1-slot LP form factor. With 24 GB of GDDR6 memory featuring ECC, the L2 PCle boasts a memory bandwidth of 300 GB/s, ensuring seamless handling of data-intensive tasks. Equipped with versatile Tensor Cores for INT8, FPB, BF16, and FP16 operations, the GPU delivers an impressive processing power of 24.1 TFLOPS in FP32. Its inclusion of RT Cores enhances real-time ray tracing capabilities, while support for Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) allows for efficient resource allocation. The L2 PCle's efficient 36 MB L2 Cache and robust media engine, featuring 2 NVENC (+AV1), 4 NVDEC, and 4 NVJPEG units, contribute to its versatility. With power consumption details yet to be disclosed, the L2 PCle offers a promising solution for applications demanding high performance within constrained spaces.

Specification L2 PCle
GPU Architecture NVIDIA Ada Lovelace
GPU Memory 24 GB GDDR6 with ECC
Memory Bandwidth 300 GB/s
Tensor Cores INT8
TF32 Tensor Core*: 48.3 TFLOPS
FP32 Processing Power 24.1 TFLOPS
FP64 Processing Power N/A
RT Core Yes
MIG Support Yes
L2 Cache 36 MB
Media Engine 2 NVENC (+AV1), 4 NVDEC, 4 NVJPEG
Power Consumption TBD
Form Factor 1-slot LP
Interconnect PCIe Gen4 x16 with a speed of 64 GB/s



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