Holographic Dsee-78H / Acrylic Cover / Base Smart Display Projector


Size (cm): 78

Number of LEDs per Blade: 240

Resolution: 960*960

Number of Blades: 6

Brightness: 1200cd/m²

Device Weight: 800g (include bracket)

Thickness: 94.3mm

Device Rotational Speed: 500rpm

Rated Power: 24V/84W

Operating System: Android

WiFi: 2.4G/5G

CPU: 4-core processor

RAM/ Memory Space: 2G/8G

Advantage: High performance, large size, Android system, strong scalability, support for multi-screen

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    Compact Brilliance: Unveiling the Dsee-78H Display

    Introducing the Dsee-78H, a display that redefines visual excellence in a compact form factor. With dimensions measuring 78cm and equipped with 240 LEDs per blade across 6 blades, this display offers a resolution of 960*960, ensuring stunning clarity. Its brightness of 1200cd/m² illuminates every detail, while the slim thickness of 94.3mm enhances its sleek profile. Weighing just 800g (including the bracket), the Dsee-78H is a lightweight powerhouse with a rotational speed of 500rpm, supported by a robust 24V/84W power system. The Android operating system, coupled with 2.4G/5G WiFi and a 4-core processor, adds a layer of versatility, making it an ideal choice for multi-screen setups. The Dsee-78H's strong scalability and high performance set it apart, promising a visual experience that transcends expectations.

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    Acrylic Elegance: Dsee-78H with Cover & Base

    Elevate your visual experience with the Dsee-78H, now available with an acrylic cover and base for added sophistication. The display, measuring 78cm and weighing 800g (including the bracket), is complemented by a stylish cover, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. The cover, with dimensions of 10011722cm and a gross weight of 20KG, adds an extra layer of protection and elegance. The acrylic base, with dimensions of 1003584cm and a gross weight of 30KG, provides stability and showcases a seamless blend of form and function. The express chargeable weight of 52KG for the cover and 59KG for the base ensures a secure and efficient delivery. Together, the Dsee-78H, acrylic cover, and base create a visual masterpiece that combines cutting-edge technology with timeless design.

Specification Details
Size (cm) 78
Number of LEDs per Blade 240
Resolution 960*960
Number of Blades 6
Brightness 1200cd/m²
Device Weight 800g (include bracket)
Thickness 94.3mm
Device Rotational Speed 500rpm
Rated Power 24V/84W
Operating System Android
WiFi 2.4G/5G
CPU 4-core processor
RAM/ Memory Space 2G/8G
Advantage High performance, large size, Android system, strong scalability, support for multi-screen



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