Lian Li 16-28 unit Cooling Cabinet System for Bitmain Antminer S19/S21 Hydro ASICs


✓ Unit Composition: Cabinet + 20T/30T closed loop water tower
✓ Power Supply: 3-phase 480V 60Hz (with power cord)
✓ Total Gross Weight: 1140 kgs
✓ Total CBM: 9 cbm
✓ Lead Time: 10-20 Days
✓ Noise Level: 60db
✓ Warranty: 1 year manufacturer replacement parts
✓ Remark: Piping and valves not included.


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    Advanced Cooling Solutions for Cryptocurrency Mining

    The Antminer Hydro Cooling Cabinet series introduces cutting-edge cooling solutions tailored for cryptocurrency mining operations, ensuring optimal performance and longevity for mining hardware. For smaller setups, the 16-unit configuration with a 20T water tower provides robust cooling, featuring a 480V 60Hz power supply, a total gross weight of 1140 kgs, and a compact design of 9 CBM. Alternatively, for operations requiring slightly less cooling capacity, the 16-unit setup with an 80KW dry cooler offers a lighter total gross weight of 750 kgs and an 8 CBM total volume, maintaining the same power supply standards for seamless integration into mining infrastructures.
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    Scaling Up with Enhanced Cooling Capacity

    For larger mining operations, the 28-unit configurations present a significant step up in cooling and operational efficiency. The combination of Cabinets, CDU (Cooling Distribution Unit), and a 30T closed water tower is designed for substantial setups, featuring a 1500 kgs total gross weight and 14 CBM of space, powered by a reliable 480V 60Hz source. In contrast, the alternative 28-unit model integrates a 200KW dry cooler for an efficient cooling solution, with a lighter weight of 1200 kgs and a total volume of 11 CBM. Both 28-unit versions uphold the high standards of the Antminer Hydro Cooling Cabinet series, focusing on providing advanced cooling technologies to support the intensive demands of cryptocurrency mining operations.

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Specification 16-units + 20T Closed Water Tower 16-units + 80KW Dry Cooler 28-units + 30T Closed Water Tower 28-units + 200KW Dry Cooler
Unit Composition Cabinet + 20T closed water tower Cabinet + 80KW dry cooler Cabinets + CDU + 30T closed water tower Cabinets + CDU + 200KW dry cooler
Power Supply 480V 60Hz (with power cord) 480V 60Hz (with power cord) 480V 60Hz (with power cord) 480V 60Hz (with power cord)
Total Gross Weight 1140 kgs 750 kgs 1500 kgs 1200 kgs
Total CBM 9 cbm 8 cbm 14 cbm 11 cbm



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