Exeton Phenom N7 AI Workbench

GPU: Nidia A800

Processor: AMD Ryzen 7 5700G

Power Supply: 2x Corsair HX 1200i

Motherboard:Asus Prime X570 (Substitute MSI Z490-A Pro)

Memory:16 GB Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 3600 Mhz DDR4

Storage:512GB Samsung EVO 870 SSD

Frame:Exeton Phenom Deluxe with Stackable 5-inch HDMI touchscreen Quantum Grey 8 Slot

Cooling:9x Cooler Master Halo RGB 120mm (Substitute EZDIY-FAB Moonlight 120mm) with Corsair H100i Capellix Liquid Cooler

Risers:7x version 010X 1x-16x pci-e

Operating System:Windows 11 Pro, Windows 10 Pro, Linux

✔ Algorithms:Any GPU mineable coin such as Ethereum, Ergo, Ravencoin, Metaverse, Ubiq, Flux, Ethereum Classic & many more.

✔ Hashrate Performance:1,150MH/s Maximum (Stable)

✔ Power Consumption:1,800W±10% Undervolted

✔ Operating Conditions:0-40℃ – 5%RH-95%RH non condensation

✔ Network Connection:Ethernet & TP-Link Archer 1300AC Wifi

Warranty:Vipera 3-year parts and labor


6 weeks lead time plus transit for assembled and tested unit. Wood crating included. Please note PCI-E connections may become loose during transport and may require to be firmly reseated. Can be sent deconstructed as a kit for faster delivery and lower cost (14 days). Remote Teamviewer troubleshooting and support included for 1 year.

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  • AI & Deep Learning Solution

    Embrace AI with Exeton Deep Learning technology

    Deep Learning, a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), is the state-of-the-art procedure in Computer Science that implements multi-layered artificial neural networks to accomplish tasks that are too complicated to program. For example, Google Maps processes millions of data points every day to figure out the best route to travel, or to predict the time to arrive at the desired destination. Deep Learning comprises two parts- training and Inference. The training part of Deep Learning involves processing as many data points as possible to make the neural network ‘learn’ the feature on its own and modify itself to accomplish tasks like image recognition, speech recognition, etc. The inference part refers to the process of taking a trained model and using it to make useful predictions and decisions. Both training and inferencing require enormous amounts of computing power to achieve the desired accuracy and precision.

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    AI & Deep Learning Solution Ready Server

    Powerhouse for Computation

    The Phenom N6 AI & Deep Learning cluster is powered by Exeton, which are high density and compact powerhouses for computation. The cluster features the latest GPUs from Vipera / Exeton partner NVIDIA. Each compute node utilizes NVIDIA® GPUs.

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    Faster Processing with Tensor Core

    NVIDIA A4000, A5000, A6000, A40, A800, H100 GPUs utilize the Tensor Core architecture. Tensor cores contain Deep Learning support and can deliver up to 125 Tensor TFLOPS for training and inference applications.

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    Built with AMD EPYC™ 7003 Series Processor

    Providing incredible compute, IO and bandwidth capability – designed to meet the huge demand for more compute in big data analytics, HPC and cloud computing.

    • Built on 7nm advanced process technology, allowing for denser compute capabilities with lower power consumption
    • Up to 64 core per CPU, built using Zen 2 high performance cores and AMD’s innovative chiplet architecture
    • Supporting PCIe Gen 4.0 with a bandwidth of up to 64GB/s, twice of PCIe Gen 3.0
    • Embedded security protection to help defend your CPU, applications, and data
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    High Performance

    Supports AMD Instinct™ MI250 Accelerator

    Massive datasets and complex simulations require multiple GPUs with extremely fast AMD Infinity Fabric™ links amongst GPUs and fast PCIe 4.0 links between CPU and GPU. The OAM form factor combines AMD Instinct™ MI250 accelerators with high-speed interconnects to define the world’s most powerful servers.

  • High density 4U System with four AMD Instinct™ MI250 OAM Accelerators
  • Supports AMD Instinct™ MI200 Series Accelerators with AMD Infinity™ Fabric™ GPU-GPU Interconnect, 1:1 GPU-to-NIC ratio
  • Supports MI250 OAM Accelerator with 128GB (HBM2e) and Infinity Interconnect



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