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VIPERA 🤝 Ascentium Capital
Equipment Financing


With Ascentium Capital, you can benefit from strategic advantages of short-term business loans without having to deal with complicated application procedures or lengthy assessment periods. We help you get fast access to the cash or equipment you need, and we structure your repayment options to suit your business’ individual circumstances.

Currently only available for business entities within’ the United States. For other regions and personal loans, proceed to fill out the form and we will provide you with our alternative financing solution partners.

Technology waits for no-one. Your wait is over.

Ascentium Capital specializes in flexible rates and payment options.

The financing of high-end electronics and equipment is indispensable in today’s rapidly changing climate. Create a program and adaptable payment schedule with long-term benefits that enable you to get your business plans into action sooner rather than later.

Fast & Flexible

Ascentium Capital offers simple, fast & flexible payment options for businesses of all sizes. 

Fast & Flexible

We offer financing up to $2 million for new and used equipment and technology 

No Limitations

For up to $250,000, all that’s typically required is a quick application and credit check.


With pre-approvals beyond this amount, companies know what they have access to spend when shopping for equipment.

No Limitations - Buying Confidence

You decide what equipment your business really needs.

Full Support​

Quick credit decisions for most transactions

Deferred payment options

Full Support​

With Ascentium Capital, you can depend on a fast and simple process to secure the equipment or technology you need without a hitch.


Ascentium knows that obtaining business assets to bolster your business without restricting cash flow is a balancing act. The solution? Business equipment lease and financing programs from Ascentium Capital. It typically only takes seconds to apply. If approved, you may structure payments with potential tax advantages!

Quick Competitive Financing in 6 easy steps… Here is how it works.

Select your products

You decide what equipment you need, Used equipment is not a problem.

Fill out a simple application

Just fill out our simple application. Our finance specialists are ready to offer you fast, flexible financing options.

Send us the form

Update us after filling to [email protected] and we will coordinate with our Ascentium financing managers.

Antminer K7

Choose your rate and term

Here is where you choose what type of financing best suits your budgetary needs. Offering several leasing options in ‘plain English’, we make them easy to understand.

Choose your payment method

Once you have picked the lease that best suits your business needs, you tell us how you want to pay. Payment flexibility is another benefit of conducting business with Ascentium Capital.

Finalize the agreement

We’ll send lease documents for you to sign and then issue a Purchase Order. In order to expedite your transaction, we can even e-mail you your lease documents – ask your Account Manager about this feature.

Why Finance with Ascentium Capital?

↪ Reliable Funding

Your success matters. That’s why Ascentium Finance provides deferred payment options.

↪ No Hidden Fees

When you finance with Ascentium, you know exactly what you’ll pay—with no hidden fees and no surprises.

↪ Fast Approvals

Ascentium’s team is dedicated to one purpose—giving you the best possible equipment finance experience, every time.

Purchasing your equipment is easy, fast, and convenient when you choose the custom payment option that’s right for your business.

(This table is used for display purposes only on a typical rate & the information contained is not meant as an offer. All rates subject to change and credit qualification is based upon credit and other factors. Additional fees and taxes may apply.)

Equipment Cost 36 Months 48 Months 60 Months 72 Months
$5,000 $176 $141 $115 $97
$10,000 $347 $271 $222 $185
$25,000 $822 $637 $520 $442
$50,000 $1,625 $1,230 $1,025 $865
$75,000 $2,376 $1,822 $1,494 $1,268
$100,000 $3,169 $2,430 $1,992 $2,505


Helping businesses just like yours secure affordable leasing solutions is paramount to ours. Please fill out the inquiry below, and financing specialist from Ascentium Capital will reply to you within 24 hours.

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