AMD EPYC Processor SP3 (Tray)


✓ Socket Type: Socket SP3
✓ L3 Cache: 256 MB
✓ Clock Speed: 2.8 GHz
✓ Processor Type: Epyc
✓ Processor Model: AMD EPYC 7543
✓ Number of Cores: 32
✓ 3 year manufacturer warranty included


The term “tray” refers to the packaging type. These CPUs do not come with retail boxes and are meant for professional deployment. For bulk inquiries, please consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.

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    EPYC Processors:

    Powerhouse Solutions for High-Performance Computing AMD's EPYC processors offer an impressive range of powerful solutions for high-performance computing needs. The EPYC 7543 stands out with its Socket SP3 compatibility, 32 cores, and a clock speed of 2.8 GHz. This processor is designed to handle demanding workloads efficiently, thanks to its large 256 MB L3 Cache. Whether it's data analysis, virtualization, or complex simulations, the EPYC 7543 delivers exceptional processing capabilities for a seamless computing experience.

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    Versatile and Feature-Rich

    A Closer Look at EPYC Processor Specifications The EPYC processor lineup from AMD offers a diverse set of specifications to cater to various computing requirements. The EPYC 7443, equipped with 24 cores and a base frequency of 2.85 GHz (with a max turbo frequency of 4.0 GHz), provides a balanced performance for multi-threaded applications. It boasts a 128 MB L3 Cache and supports DDR4-3200, ensuring efficient data handling and memory performance. With 128L PCIe Gen4 support, it enables high-speed data transfers and connectivity options.

Processor Model EPYC 7543 EPYC 7443 EPYC 7713P EPYC 7513 EPYC 7453 EPYC 7763 EPYC 7502 EPYC 7742 EPYC 9374F
Socket Type Socket SP3 Sockets Supported SP3 Sockets Supported SP3 Sockets Supported SP3 Socket SP3 Sockets Supported SP3 Socket SP3 Socket SP5
L3 Cache 256 MB 128 MB L. 32MB L2 256 MB L. 32MB L2 256 MB L. 32MB L2 64 MB 256 MB L. 32MB L2 128 MB 256 MB 256 MB
Clock Speed 2.8 GHz Base Frequency: 2.85 GHz Base Frequency: 2.0 GHz Base Frequency: 2.6 GHz 2.75 GHz Base Frequency: 2.45 GHz Base Clock: 2.5GHz 3.4 GHz 3.85 GHz
Processor Type Epyc MILAN 2P MILAN 1P MILAN 2P Epyc MILAN 2P Server AMD Opteron
Number of Cores 32 24 64 32 28 64 32 64 32
Max Turbo Frequency 3.7 GHz Max Turbo Frequency: 4.0 GHz Max Turbo Frequency: 3.675 GHz Max Turbo Frequency: 3.65 GHz 3.45 GHz Max Turbo Frequency: 3.5 GHz Max Boost Clock: Up to 3.35GHz 4.3 GHz
DDR4 Support DDR4-3200 DDR4-3200 DDR4-3200 DDR4-3200
PCIe Support 128L PCIe Gen4 128L PCIe Gen4 128L PCIe Gen4 128L PCIe Gen4
TDP 165W-200W 225W-240W 225W-240W 225W-280W 180W
UPC Does not apply Does not apply Does not apply



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