GPU SuperServer SYS-420GP-TNAR+ with NVIDIA A100s


✓ CPUs: 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8358 (32 Cores each)

✓ GPUs: 8x NVIDIA A100 (SXM Baseboard)

✓ RAM: 2TB DDR4 (32x 64GB DIMMs)

✓ Storage: 7.68TB NVMe

✓ Network: 8x CX-6 Single-Port NIC, 200GbE

✓ Purpose: Optimized for HPC/AI


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  • High-Performance Computing and AI Powerhouse

    The Supermicro SYS-420GP-TNAR+ stands as a formidable platform, featuring dual Intel Xeon Platinum 8358 CPUs, each equipped with 32 cores, ensuring unparalleled processing power. Complementing this computational prowess are eight NVIDIA A100 GPUs utilizing SXM Baseboard architecture, facilitating advanced AI applications and data-intensive computations. With a staggering 2TB of DDR4 RAM spread across 64GB DIMMs, this system boasts exceptional memory capacity, while its 7.68TB NVMe storage ensures lightning-fast data access. Network capabilities are equally impressive, courtesy of eight CX-6 Single-Port NICs, each capable of handling 200GbE speeds, making it an ideal choice for demanding HPC and AI workloads.

Component Specification
CPUs 2x Intel Xeon Platinum 8358, 32 Cores each
GPUs 8x NVIDIA A100 GPUs (SXM Baseboard)
RAM 2TB DDR4 Total (32x 64GB DIMMs)
Storage 7.68TB NVMe Storage
Network Interface 8x CX-6 Single-Port NIC, 200GbE
Purpose Optimized for HPC/AI



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