FHCO1 – Single-Phase Immersion Coolant


✓ FHC01 Coolant is a liquid with a colorless clear appearance.
✓ It has an odorless or faint smell.
✓ The melting/freezing point of FHC01 Coolant is below -40°C.
✓ The boiling point of FHC01 Coolant is above 298°C.
✓ It has a flash point of 149°C according to IASTM D921.
✓ FHC01 Coolant has an autoignition temperature above 310°C.
✓ It has a specific heat capacity of 2.24 J/(g-K) at 40°C.
✓ The vapor pressure of FHC01 Coolant at 20°C is less than 0.013kPa (0.1mmHg).
✓ It has a density of 0.799g/cm3.
✓ FHC01 Coolant is insoluble in water.
✓ The freezing point of FHC01 Coolant is -40°C.
✓ It has a kinematic viscosity of 1.8 mm⅔ at 100°C.
✓ The breakdown voltage of FHC01 Coolant is 60kV.


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  • FHC01 Coolant

Specification FHC01 Coolant
Physical form Liquid
Color Colorless clear
Odor Odorless or faint
Melting/freezing point <-40°C
Boiling point >298°C
Flash point 149°C (IASTM D921)
Autoignition temperature >310°C
Specific heat capacity at 40°C 2.24 J/(g-K)
Vapor pressure at 20°C <0.013kPa (0.1mmHg)
Density 0.799g/cm3
Water solubility Insoluble in water
Freezing point -40°C
Kinematic viscosity 1.8 mm⅔ (100°C)
Breakdown voltage 60kV



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