Advisory: S21 January batch orders have now begun to ship out in order sequence. Please note the CNY holiday approaches, and there will be NO OUTBOUND ACTIVITY from February 6th - February 17th, 2024. Nvidia A800, A100 and H800 enterprise cards have been discontinued. Final A100 clearances have begun. H100 PCI-E cards and complete SXM5 modules available in limited quantities in stock and for preorder. T21, S21, S21 Pro and S21 Hydro now available for Q1 and Q2 2024 preorder. AmazonPay has been reinstated. Stripe, along with Afterpay, Affirm and Klarna, is disabled temporarily pending review. Vipera now offers turn-key setup services mid-large mining operations. Hosting colocation for UAE, Norway and USA is currently fully booked and not available. Financing for crypto mining related hardware in the USA and Canada has been suspended until further notice.

Powering Dreams Through Strategic Partnership

Megavrse: Own the Future
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Welcome to Megavrse – a realm where boundaries blur between reality and virtuality, where your wildest imaginations take form, and where every interaction opens a door to endless possibilities. At Megavrse, we’re not just building a metaverse; we’re shaping the future of digital interaction.

A Partnership that Powers Dreams: Viperatech

In our journey to redefine the metaverse experience, Viperatech stands as a pillar of strength and innovation. As a major shareholder, Viperatech doesn’t just believe in the vision of Megavrse; they fuel it. With their substantial funding, state-of-the-art workstations, and robust servers, Viperatech is instrumental in bringing the dream of Megavrse to life.

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Our Vision: A Hyper-Realistic and Immersive Metaverse

Megavrse is more than a platform; it’s a universe of its own. We are committed to revolutionizing the metaverse experience by offering a hyper-realistic and immersive environment. Harnessing cutting-edge technology and exceptional design, we aim to create a virtual world that feels as real as it gets.

Empowerment and Opportunities

Our goal is to empower:

Updated Crypto Mining Firmware

Connect, Engage, Thrive

Megavrse is more than a destination; it’s a journey where each step is an opportunity. We offer a space for growth, revenue generation, and community building. It’s a place where businesses can expand, governments can connect more intimately with their citizens, and gamers can embark on adventures beyond their wildest dreams.

Join Us in Shaping the Future

The future is not just something we predict; it’s something we create. At Megavrse, every user, every brand, every government entity, and every gamer is a creator of this new world.

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