NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W

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The NVIDIA CMP 170HX is powered by a single 8-pin PCI-E connector to supplement its 250W TDP (mines at 205W average in reality)
The card couples a dual-slot design with an elegant aluminum shroud and features a passive-cooling ‘blower’ solution.
Easy installation, durable build and stable mining performance in Windows, Linux and hiveOS.
Unleashed and unlocked maximum hashrate for Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo, Callisto, Metaverse & more.
Exclusive Vipera 6 month warranty from date of delivery.
Stock is limited and available on a first-come first-serve basis. With common multiple unit usage, please proceed with your purchase online for Bulk orders over 10 units by consulting with our live support agents or use pay by invoice. Pre-built plug-and-play mining rigs– the Exeton Phenom N6 CMP or N7 CMP models– can also be purchased. Please fill out an inquiry form or speak to a live chat agent for more information. For Windows drivers, navigate to our Support > Downloads page under Mining GPUs. The card works best in Linux and HiveOS, but can also be used in Windows with the proper drivers installed.

UPDATE 11.20.2021:

This card was designed for data center environments (~20 °C) with cool ambient temperatures and proper airflow. They work best in Linux/HiveOS out of the box. Some may have issues installing them in Windows, even with our supplied drivers. The adapter cable that is bundled with the GPU is necessary.

UPDATE 11.04.2021:

For all Russian Federation customers; you must arrange your own shipping from our warehouse or provide a valid business address and business ID.

UPDATE 10.26.2021:

All buyers must be aware that Nvidia does not hand these over to our warehouse in pre-packaged singles. They are packaged in boxes of 9 and 12 units. Every order less than these quantities must be removed and prepared appropriately before shipping, which increases handling time considerably. Due to significant order volume, expect delays in receiving your tracking numbers. Our personnel is diligently working to send out orders promptly. This– coupled with the current shipping crisis affecting all outbound flight from Hong Kong and other manufacturing hubs for the Holidays– means buyers must expect 14 days or more turnaround times. Vipera is attempting to stabilize pricing so late buyers can have an opportunity and we are in the process of securing more shipments from Nvidia.

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    Nvidia's Exclusive Crypto-Focused Card

    Made for Miners

    NVIDIA's fastest CMP 170HX mining card has been released and is now ready for global shipping. These models come directly from Nvidia factory and feature a cut-down GA100 die with 4480 CUDA cores complemented by 8 GB of HBM2e VRAM. The CMP line is very energy efficient versus its gaming counterparts. This device has no display connectivity, as it is not designed to have monitors connected to it. CMP 170HX is connected to the rest of the system using a PCI-Express 4.0 x4 interface.

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    Little Package, Big Bite

    The CMP 170HX is a professional graphics card by NVIDIA, launched on September 1st, 2021. Built on the 7 nm process, and based on the GA100 graphics processor, in its GA100-100-A1 variant, the card does not support DirectX. The GA100 graphics processor is a large chip with a die area of 826 mm² and 54,200 million transistors. Unlike the fully unlocked A100 PCIe, which uses the same GPU but has all 6912 shaders enabled, NVIDIA has disabled some shading units on the CMP 170HX to reach the product's target shader count. It features 4480 shading units, 280 texture mapping units, and 128 ROPs. Also included are 280 tensor cores which help improve the speed of machine learning applications. NVIDIA has paired 8 GB HBM2e memory with the CMP 170HX, which are connected using a 4096-bit memory interface. The GPU is operating at a frequency of 1140 MHz, which can be boosted up to 1410 MHz, memory is running at 1458 MHz.

    The VBIOS is LOCKED, and cannot be tweaked by programs such as MSI Afterburner.

GPU Model GA100
Video Memory 24GB
Model Number CMP170HX
Memory Interface 256Bit
Hashrate 160Mh/s+


    22 reviews for NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W

      NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W photo review
      November 23, 2021
      Just got my second order. James helped with everything again. Use 2 high rpm fans and temps will be under 70C.
      Lawrence Allen
      November 19, 2021
      What I don't read about is how this card which generates MUCH heat is being kept cool! Would someone please provide information on how they are keeping this heater at a good operating temperature!
      Reply from James:
      This is a card designed for data centers-- high static airflow, upper teens ambient temps. Some people put corsair water coolers instead of the shroud but thats not practical. High RPM fans at the front and no obstruction in the back is the way to go.
      NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W photo review
      NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W photo review
      NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W photo review
      November 18, 2021
      Just got my order of 8 cards; paid Nov. 8th and delivered Nov 16th. They were plug and play with HiveOS, no issues getting them started. 160MH/s @ 200w out of the box just as advertised. That being said these were definitely designed for a well-cooled data-center environment but they are workhorses. I have them well spaced in a server case and after running for a while they throttled to 145-155 MH/s but I just adjusted my airflow a little, moved them closer to my rooms intake and got them back up to 160MH/s no problem. I do wonder how they will perform come summertime when they are intaking 80-90*F air instead of cool 30-40*F winter air but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
      Christopher Stroh
      November 14, 2021
      Got the card working on Hive OS. Windows it doesnt work. Running 159mh at 185 watts. Really wish you could overclock the memory.
      November 13, 2021
      Ordered Oct 29 and received Nov 12. Card is working well but we are looking for cooling solution, need to add on fan with shroud as per other review. Ordered some more. Thanks
      NVIDIA CMP 170HX 164MH/s Pro Mining 205W photo review
      November 12, 2021
      Item works great. Also can do 160Mh @207W with HiveOS Phoenixminer. Got it in 10 days. Thank you guys!
      Kevin Leung
      November 11, 2021
      Ordered Oct 26 received Nov 5 from HK to Canada. Mining at 156MH/S at 71 degree Celsius. You have to purchase a fan with scroud(ebay) to cool the card otherwise it will run hot and mine really slow and overhead. Awesome service, the card is just a bit pricey but the only ones available at the moment
      November 6, 2021
      If missed to rate my review with stars....
      November 5, 2021
      Got my order today. Ordered more. By the way, they only do 200 watts on full blast NOT 250 watts. But you need to keep them cool. Only worked for me in Linux and HiveOS, not windows for some reason. Maybe I am not installing the right driver set?
      Christopher Stroh
      November 5, 2021
      Anyone got this to work in windows 10 yet?
      November 4, 2021
      I followed the CMP 170HX since the fist informations leaked out to the net. An article from heise took me here. At the beginning i was very sceptical too but compared to some answers i got from sellers and the informations directly NOT published from NVIDIA the support on the VIPERATECH chat was very helpful in answering all my question (from the beginning over the payment process (crypto is also possible) to delivery and getting the 2 cards working in my system). The cards were delivered directly from their warehouse to here via express DHL. The only really negative point i have to mention is that the cards were wrapped only with air protection foil in 2 "doggy bags" from DHL du to their rush delivery. From my point of view the packaging is not adequate on these top performance cards. Vipera promised to adjust this. I had / have a driver issue on windows 10 but on linux the card work like charm. The biggest issue is the cooling of them as they are server card. I highly recommend viperatech!
      November 3, 2021
      Got mine in 10 days. Was a bit worried about buying from this site. But they delivered the goods
      Flubb Blockmine
      November 2, 2021
      Got my 12 cards today, 162mh each in a Octominer x12 Ultra, works perfect and more than pleased with result, great communication and I run them undervolted and I even managed to unlock the core clock, happy camper
      Jon Ashcroft
      November 1, 2021
      So finally got them after a 3 weeks or so. Fedex had them 'scheduled for next movement' for 2 weeks until they actually started to move, and it seems they had switched out from DHL for some reason. I think they are having a bitch of a time getting them out of Hong Kong now with all the issues. Loaded them in booted up just fine and updated the drivers and they are working like a charm. Thank you.
      Luis Fonseca
      October 28, 2021
      Recibí mi número de seguimiento hoy. muy emocionado.
      October 26, 2021
      Yesterday the stock was 1400 today almost 800
      Ahmad Quroz
      October 25, 2021
      Ordered 25 for new project thank you to UAE
      October 24, 2021
      Tom's hardware article took me here. Whats the fuss about? why hasn't nvidia said anything about this card? How did these guys get their hands on stock in the first place???!
      Terry Heck
      October 24, 2021
      This is the real deal. Got my cards after nearly 3 weeks and was nervous about tracking not moving for a while but DHL explained they are having major issues right now. I don't care about the resale value... they are mine to mine with. Will mine them into dust if I have to. Hearing rumours a firmware update can push these babies closer to 200mh/s soon.
      DJ Aaron
      October 4, 2021
      There's some definite cons with this card like locked VBIOS and no video output, but if you're like me and feddup dealing with the Newegg / Amazon bots and LHR headaches getting 46 more hash at way better TDP than a 3090 for a bit more dough. No brainer.
      October 3, 2021
      Ordered 6 on the 21st sept got package on the 1st oct. Happy camper.
      Jason Delorme
      October 3, 2021
      My cards finally arrived after a 2+ week wait and I am a little disappointed there is no way to overclock or undervolt them. -1 star for that and -1 because they are expensive and have hardly any resale value outside of mining. There's no mystery here-- if you want an energy efficient card that mines Ethhash @ 165mh/s, well here you go. Thanks Nvidia I guess.
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