NVIDIA GPU Carrier Baseboard 8x H200 Liquid Cooling


✔ Product line: Tesla

✔ Number of stream processors: Not specified

✔ Power consumption (W): 5600

✔ Architecture: Hopper

✔ Monitor output: None

✔ Interface: NVLink-C2C

✔ Gigabytes of memory: 1128

✔ Cooling type: Passive

✔ Memory type: HBM3e

✔ Slot count: 0

✔ Profile: SXM2

✔ Part Number: 935-24287-0040-000


This is a preorder for the October production batch, with tentative delivery in late October, 2024. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. For bulk inquiries, please consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.

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  • NVIDIA Server

    NVIDIA's products present a range of professional graphics cards designed for both rackmount  servers and powerful workstations. These are very high quality graphic products with large memory and a special set of drivers that are adapted to work in CAD and other professional applications as well as remote collaboration, virtual desktop, 3D visualization and rendering, but also for machine learning. Compared to desktop graphics cards, they are often also optimized for lower consumption.

    Theoretical performance
    536 TFLOPS
    Graphics Engine

  • Graphics memory

    VRAM, these days primarily of GDDR type, is a synchronous memory, similar to standard RAM. However, in the case of graphic memory, memory chips with faster throughput and multiple data transfer rates are concerned. The result is a much faster buffering of data that the graphics card or coprocessor calculates and passes to the processor.

    Memory size
    Memory type

  • CUDA Technology

    Users of professional applications can benefit from CUDA graphics stream processors thanks to CUDA architecture. Thanks to this, the raw power of the graphics card can be used for specific calculations, which can accelerate the work manifold compared to a classic processor, which is significantly limited by a lower amount of cores.

Product line Tesla
Number of stream processors
Power consumption (W) 5600
Architecture Hopper
Monitor output none
Interface NVLink-C2C
Gigabytes of memory 1128
Cooling type Passive
Memory type HBM3e
Slot count 0
Profile SXM2



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