Samsung 96 GB DDR5 288-pin-4800MHz ECC RDIMM – M321RYGA0BB0-CQK

✔ DDR Type: DDR5

✔ Speed: 4800 Mbps

✔ Dimm Type: RDIMM

✔ Voltage: 1.1V

✔ Density: 96 GB

✔ Number of Pins: 288

✔ Rank x Organization: 2Rx4

✔ Component Composition: (4G x 4) × 40

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    Cutting-Edge DDR5 Memory: Enhancing Performance

    DDR5 memory technology represents a significant leap forward in computing capabilities, boasting impressive specifications tailored for modern computing needs. With a speed of 4800 Mbps, DDR5 offers unparalleled data transfer rates, ensuring swift and efficient performance for a wide range of applications. Utilizing RDIMM type modules, DDR5 operates at a voltage of 1.1V, striking a balance between power efficiency and computational power. Its high density of 96 GB provides ample storage capacity, while the 288 pins facilitate seamless integration into compatible systems. Organized in a 2Rx4 rank configuration, DDR5 memory modules offer optimized data organization and retrieval, enhancing overall system efficiency. With a component composition of (4G x 4) × 40, DDR5 memory stands as a cornerstone of cutting-edge computing infrastructure, elevating system performance to new heights.

DDR Specifications Details
Speed 4800 Mbps
Dimm Type RDIMM
Voltage 1.1V
Density 96 GB
Number of Pins 288
Rank x Organization 2Rx4
Component Composition (4G x 4) × 40



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