7.4KW Electric Vehicle Home Charger 230V-380V 32A


✓ Power: 7.4KW

✓ Ampere: 32Amp

✓ Rated Voltage: 230V

✓ IP Rating: IP54

✓ User interface: LED/LCD (3.5″)/RFID

✓ Charging interface: Type 2 socket/5M cable

✓ RCD: Type A + DC 6mA or Type(B) optional

✓ Installation: pole mount or wall mount optional

✓ Operating temperature: -40℉ to 131℉

✓ Certification: CE

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  • Experience the versatile magic of the EV Wallbox, offering both wall mount and pole mount options. With household and commercial versions to choose from, it seamlessly adapts to any setting. Stay connected through WiFi and 4G compatibility, utilizing the convenience of a Smartphone App. The dynamic LED lights elegantly display charging status, while its unwavering safety and reliability are backed by a 2-year warranty.

    Let the EV Wallbox redefine your charging experience with its efficiency and enchantment.

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    The Quantum Realm of EV Charging

    Unleashing the Infinite Possibilities of the Enigmatic EV Wallbox

    Experience the captivating allure of the EV Wallbox, a cutting-edge charging solution that transcends expectations. With its availability in both home and public commercial versions, as well as wall-mount and floor-stand installation options, this marvel offers a seamless blend of versatility and elegance. Discover the enchantment of APP+Bluetooth control, granting users the ability to effortlessly start, stop, and monitor charging operations through a user-friendly mobile app. Immerse yourself in the real-time charging status and historical records, as this extraordinary device weaves a spellbinding user experience like no other.

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    The Enchanting Power of the EV Wallbox

    Unveiling the Fusion of Convenience and Safety

    Step into the future with the commercial EV charger that embraces the pinnacle of EV charging technology. Marvel at the wonders of Load balancing, a groundbreaking feature that maintains a perfect harmony of power distribution among electrical appliances. This remarkable device offers a sanctuary of safety, featuring over current protection, residual current protection, ground protection, surge protection, and other essential safeguards. Its unrivaled dedication to reliability is fortified by a 2-year warranty, providing peace of mind to users. With dynamic LED lights illuminating the charging status, the EV Wallbox casts a mesmerizing glow, symbolizing the dawn of a new era in charging technology.

Parameter Specification
Power 7.4KW
Ampere 32Amp
Rated Voltage 230V
IP Rating IP54
User interface LED/LCD (3.5″)/RFID
Charging interface Type 2 socket/5M cable
RCD Type A + DC 6mA or Type(B) optional
Installation Pole mount or wall mount optional
Operating temperature -40℉ to 131℉
Certificate CE



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