Holographic Smart Display Dsee-130 Projector Fan


Size (cm): 130

Number of LEDs per Blade: 512

Resolution: 2048*2048

Number of Blades: 8

Brightness: 1800cd/m²

Color Digits: 24bit

Thickness: 13.9cm

Device Rotational Speed: 375/450rpm (50/60Hz Refresh rate)

Rated Power: 24V/About 300W

Operating System: Android

WiFi: 2.4G/5G WiFi, LTE

Advantage: Large size, high resolution

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    Dsee-130: An Immersive Display Marvel

    Experience visual grandeur with the Dsee-130, a colossal 130cm display designed to redefine the boundaries of visual excellence. Boasting an expansive size, this display features 512 LEDs per blade, totaling 8 blades for a mesmerizing resolution of 2048*2048. The brilliance of the Dsee-130 is further accentuated by its impressive brightness of 1800cd/m² and rich color depth with 24bit color digits. The slim design, with a thickness of 13.9cm, enhances the modern aesthetics of this visual marvel. Operating on a robust 24V/About 300W power system, the Dsee-130 ensures efficient performance at rotational speeds of 375/450rpm, synchronized with a 50/60Hz refresh rate. Powered by Android, it offers versatile connectivity through 2.4G/5G WiFi and LTE, making it a comprehensive solution for diverse applications. The advantage of the Dsee-130 lies not just in its expansive size but also in its ability to deliver an immersive visual experience with high resolution, setting a new standard for display technology.

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    Versatility Meets Innovation: Dsee-130 in Action

    The Dsee-130 stands as a testament to the fusion of versatility and innovation, providing a seamless visual experience with its dynamic features. This colossal display, spanning 130cm, is equipped with 512 LEDs per blade across 8 blades, resulting in a stunning resolution of 2048*2048. With a luminous brightness of 1800cd/m² and a vibrant color spectrum with 24bit color digits, the Dsee-130 ensures every detail is vividly portrayed. Its slim profile, measuring 13.9cm in thickness, contributes to its modern aesthetics. Operating at rotational speeds of 375/450rpm, synchronized with a 50/60Hz refresh rate, and powered by a robust 24V/About 300W system, this display offers a perfect blend of performance and efficiency. Running on the Android operating system, the Dsee-130 provides seamless connectivity through 2.4G/5G WiFi and LTE, catering to a spectrum of applications. The Dsee-130 is not just a display; it's an innovation hub, combining versatility and high resolution for an unparalleled visual experience.

Specification Details
Size (cm) 130
Number of LEDs per Blade 512
Resolution 2048*2048
Number of Blades 8
Brightness 1800cd/m²
Color Digits 24bit
Thickness 13.9cm
Device Rotational Speed 375/450rpm (50/60Hz Refresh rate)
Rated Power 24V/About 300W
Operating System Android
WiFi 2.4G/5G WiFi, LTE
Advantage Large size, high resolution



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