OIT BPDU 12C19 12CB 80A Power Distribution Unit


Product: 3-Phase Voltage Stabilizer

Designed for 380V/433V input voltage, ideal for industrial and commercial applications

Provides stable output voltage, protecting electrical equipment from voltage fluctuations and surges

Wide input voltage range with automatic voltage regulation (AVR) function

High-quality components ensure reliable performance and long-lasting durability

Digital display for easy monitoring of input and output voltage levels

Overload, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection for enhanced safety

Efficient and energy-saving design with low power consumption

Easy to install and operate, suitable for various electrical systems

Compact and space-saving design, suitable for indoor installation

CE certified and compliant with international safety standards for peace of mind.


Lead time 3 weeks

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Input Voltage Output Voltage Output Characteristics Protection Dimension Net Weight Wire Specification Certificate
380V~/3 phase(LLLNG) 220V~ WYE Total Current: Max 80A Breaker: 12pcs 1P 20A Hydraulic magnetic breaker. Each breaker controls 1 outlet. LxWxH=16608585mm 15KG UL certification, with flame retardant function ETL CE RoHS
415V~/3 phase(LLLNG) 240V~ WYE Rating Output Voltage: 208-250V
433V~/3 phase(LLLNG) 250V~ WYE Max Output Power for Each Outlet: Under 208V, Max 4160W per Outlet; Under 220V, Max 4400W per Outlet; Under 240V, Max 4800W per Outlet; Under 250V, Max 5000W per Outlet
208V~/3 phase(LLLG) 208V~ Delta(option)
480V~/3 phase(LLLNG) 277V~ WYE Total Output Power: Max 57KW
Socket Standard: 24pcs C19 (Can be changed as client request)



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