Advisory: S21 January batch orders have now begun to ship out in order sequence. Please note the CNY holiday approaches, and there will be NO OUTBOUND ACTIVITY from February 6th - February 17th, 2024. Nvidia A800, A100 and H800 enterprise cards have been discontinued. Final A100 clearances have begun. H100 PCI-E cards and complete SXM5 modules available in limited quantities in stock and for preorder. T21, S21, S21 Pro and S21 Hydro now available for Q1 and Q2 2024 preorder. AmazonPay has been reinstated. Stripe, along with Afterpay, Affirm and Klarna, is disabled temporarily pending review. Vipera now offers turn-key setup services mid-large mining operations. Hosting colocation for UAE, Norway and USA is currently fully booked and not available. Financing for crypto mining related hardware in the USA and Canada has been suspended until further notice.

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Our Mission

At Vipera, our mission is to provide businesses and individuals with the most advanced and efficient digital solutions to enhance their operations and lifestyles. We strive to be the go-to destination for cutting-edge technology, including ASIC, GPUs, AI computers, machine learning solutions, Advertising solutions, and Gaming PCs. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our products meet the highest quality standards while delivering unparalleled performance. We believe in leveraging the power of technology to drive innovation, increase productivity, and enhance user experiences. Our ultimate goal is to help our customers achieve success and growth by empowering them with the latest and greatest digital solutions available in the market.

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Crypto Mining Unveiled!

Vipera exploring the world of cryptocurrency mining with CNN Delving deeper into the digital gold rush.


CNN’s Anna Stewart as she delves into the fascinating world of cryptocurrency mining. In this informative and educational segment, we explore the technology behind digital money production, comparing it to the age-old process of mining gold. Don’t miss out on this intriguing insight into the digital gold rush!

Our Key Members

At Vipera, our success is a result of the hard work and dedication of our key members.

Hamza Jameel

Hamza Jameel

Marketing Manager
M Hussnain

M Hussnain

Asst. Marketing Manager
Lalaine Campana

Lalaine Campana

Hashim Illyas

Hashim Illyas

Sales Executive

What We Provide

We providing various products to customers 

AI & Machine Learning Solutions

Designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals alike, our AI computers offer unparalleled performance, reliability, and ease of use. Whether you're a researcher, a developer, or a data scientist, our AI computers provide the ideal platform for unlocking the true potential of AI and machine learning. Experience the future of computing – explore Vipera's AI computers today!

Gaming PC

Our gaming PCs deliver unparalleled speed, power, and graphics capabilities, taking your gaming experience to the next level. With sleek designs and customizable features, our gaming PCs offer both style and substance, making them the perfect addition to any gamer's setup. Whether you're a casual gamer or a competitive esports athlete, Vipera's gaming PCs offer the perfect platform for unleashing your gaming potential.

Crypto Miners & Hosting services

Vipera offers top-of-the-line crypto miners and hosting solutions for businesses and individuals looking to enter the world of cryptocurrency mining. Our high-performance miners are designed to deliver maximum hash rates and energy efficiency, enabling you to mine cryptocurrencies with ease and profitability. With our hosting solutions, you can benefit from secure and reliable hosting services, ensuring maximum uptime and performance for your mining operations. Experience the power of crypto mining with Vipera – explore our products today!

Advertising Solutions

Take your advertising to the next level with Vipera's innovative advertising solutions. Our range of products includes Adhesive Transparent LED films, Holographic displays, and more – all designed to make your message stand out and captivate your audience. Our products are ideal for a range of applications, from storefront displays to trade show booths and more. With cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials, our advertising solutions are built to last and deliver exceptional performance. Explore our range of advertising products and discover the power of digital signage today!

Why Choose Us?

With a wide range of products, including AI computers, crypto miners, gaming PCs, servers, and advertising solutions, we cater to the diverse needs of businesses and individuals across various industries.


At Vipera, we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience. 

Choose Vipera for an unparalleled technology experience that delivers results, protection, and convenience.

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