MicroBT WhatsMiner M53S Hydro 292TH/s 6844W


✔️ Strong Applicability

✔️ Low Failure Rate

✔️ High Performance

✔️ Good Reputation

✔️ Long Life Span

Hashrate: 236TH/s to 292TH/s | Power Consumption: 6844W to 7076W | Power Efficiency: 26J/T

1-year manufacturer warranty included. Requires 3-phase 380V power input. It will not work with 110V/240v like other miners. We sell the cooling retrofit kits needed for these types of hydro ASICs to operate standalone. To clear up confusion, please note all hashrates of the M53 model above 246Th/s has the “S” designation added to denote the superior chip capability.


Ships in 7 days from payment. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. For bulk inquiries, consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.

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  • The power of liquid, unleashed


    The Whatsminer M53 is a Bitcoin mining device designed and produced by MicroBT, a leading manufacturer of mining equipment in the cryptocurrency industry. This miner was released in late 2021 and quickly became popular among Bitcoin miners due to its high hash rate and energy efficiency.

    The Whatsminer M53 has a hash rate of 236TH/s to 292TH/s with a power consumption of 6844W to 7076W. This is achieved through the use of advanced 10nm ASIC chips and a unique cooling system that helps to reduce heat generation and energy consumption. Compared to other mining devices on the market, the Whatsminer M53 offers one of the highest hash rates per watt of power consumption.

    Main Highlights of the M53


    One of the key features of the Whatsminer M53 is its high level of stability and reliability. It is equipped with a highly advanced power supply system that provides stable and efficient power to the miner, ensuring uninterrupted operation and optimal mining performance. Additionally, the Whatsminer M53 is equipped with a highly accurate temperature and humidity sensor that helps to maintain optimal operating conditions for the device.

    The Whatsminer M53 is also highly versatile and can use to mine a variety of cryptocurrencies that are based on the SHA-256 algorithm, such as Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It supports both solo mining and pool mining and can easily integrate into any mining operation.

    • Good design

    The Whatsminer M53 is designed with ease of use in mind. It equips with a user-friendly interface that allows miners to easily configure and manage the device. Additionally, the device is highly customizable, and miners can adjust various settings such as the fan speed, voltage, and frequency to optimize mining performance.

    • Low noise

    The Whatsminer M53 has a relatively low noise level, making it suitable for use in residential areas or small mining farms. It has a compact design and can easily install in tight spaces, which makes it a popular choice among home-based miners.

    • Good durability

    In terms of durability, the Whatsminer M53 is built to last. It constructs with high-quality materials that design to withstand the harsh conditions of mining operations. Additionally, the device equips with advanced safety features that help to protect it from overvoltage, overheating, and other potential hazards.

    Overall, the Whatsminer M53 is a powerful and reliable Bitcoin mining device that offers a high level of performance and efficiency. Its low power consumption and high hash rate

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  • Size: 
  • Weight: Net weight: 27.5kg
  • Weight with packaging materials: 30kg
  • Coolant demand per machine: 
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