Jasminer X44-P 23,400 MH/s 2340W (ETC/ZIL)

Hash Rate: 23,400 MH/s (+_10%)

Power Consumption: 2,340 W (+_10%)

Efficiency: 0.1 J/MH

Memory: 12GB

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer repair or replace


Q1 2025 tentative release. No pricing available currently. Preorders will open soon.

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  • JASMINER X44-P: Revolutionizing the Future

    The JASMINER X44-P stands out as a groundbreaking addition to the world of technology, promising to propel us into the future with its powerful engine. Boasting an impressive hash rate of 23,400 MH/s, with a potential increase of up to 10%, it ensures unparalleled efficiency in operations. Its power consumption is equally noteworthy at 2,340 W, also allowing for a 10% increment to accommodate demanding tasks. Remarkably, it achieves this performance with an efficiency of just 0.1 J/MH, setting a new benchmark for energy consumption in its class. The JASMINER X44-P is truly a testament to the advancements in technology, driving the future towards greater heights.

Specification Detail
Hash Rate 23,400 MH/s (+10%)
Power Consumption 2,340 W (+10%)
Efficiency 0.1 J/MH
Algorithm ETChash/Zilliqa



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