Advisory: IceRiver KS5L April batch is delayed for all resellers. Factory has given us the week of May 6th as the new delivery window. Once received, all orders will be shipped promptly in sequence. Newly received Supermicro, Kaytus and HPE Nvidia HGX and DGX complete servers are now offered and in stock. Please note all S21 generation ASICs from Bitmain now include a P13 to C20 cord. Credit Card payments will only work if USD or AED currency is selected on top right corner of the website. Vipera now offers turn-key setup services mid-large mining operations. We have secured 50MW of hosting colocation for UAE will expand in Q3, 2024. Financing for crypto mining related hardware in the USA and Canada has been suspended until further notice. For bulk discounts or special pricing, do not hesitate to speak to a live chat agent.


Why join Vipera?

Vipera is a dynamic group or business and marketing individuals adhering to the mission of “bringing a disruptive revolution in the field of visual displays, cryptocurrency and business and leisure information technology”. We are eager for talents who pursue excellence as we do, and jointly practice the culture of marrying passion with innovation.

Ready to take the leap?

Interested individuals please send your resume and cover letter with related work examples, portfolio or business acumen to [email protected]. We will reply to you within 48 hours.

At the forefront of inevitable change

We are technological innovators, continuously bringing new and impactful products to the global marketplace. Our focus remains on providing new and compelling products that push the boundaries of finance, data, artificial intelligence, enthusiast gaming and stunning visuals.

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Open positions at Vipera

Description of job

We are looking for an experienced Custom Pc Builder/Technician to join our team! As a Computer Technician at our company, you will be responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing computers and networks. Your role will be crucial for ensuring that our IT infrastructure works properly with maximum capabilities. Along with this you will be responsible for building a custom PC according to the client requirements.
Most importantly we are looking for someone who is well-versed with crypto, wallets and building mining rigs.

Job Requirements

1. Previous working experience as a custom computer builder/technician. 2. Knowledge of Crypto, Wallets and building Mining Rigs. 3. BA in IT, Computer Science or similar relevant field. 4. Any additional relevant diploma or certification will be considered as an advantage. 5. Hands-on experience with LAN/WAN networks. 6. In-depth knowledge of computer and IT systems, internet security and data privacy .

Roles and Responsibilities:

⦁ Set up hardware. ⦁ Install software. ⦁ Maintain and repair technological equipment. ⦁ Manage software in computers and networks. ⦁ Ensure privacy and data protection. ⦁ Perform regular upgrades. ⦁ Perform troubleshoot activities. ⦁ Install well-functioning LAN/WAN and other networks. ⦁ Manage network components (servers, IPs, etc.). ⦁ Manage and implement security solutions. ⦁ Create records of repairs and fixes. ⦁ Provide technical support. ⦁ Train and collaborate with other team members.


⦁ Outstanding troubleshooting skills. ⦁ Good time-management skills. ⦁ Ability to multitask. ⦁ Strong interpersonal and communication skills. ⦁ Critical-thinker and problem-solver.

Description of job

1. Responsible for building and editing scenes in Unity3D engine according to requirements, arranging lights and baking light maps, and has a good performance on the effect and atmosphere of the scene;

2, Familiar with the production specifications of 3D game models and textures, and sort out the complete production process and specifications;

3, Control the layout of the scene, the placement of objects and the adjustment of the atmosphere effect;

4, Know model binding, character animation, key frame animation, master the law of motion, and produce high-quality animation

5, Cooperate with the program to complete resource integration, output and final effect optimization.

Job Requirements

1. Fine art graduates are preferred, with more than 1 year experience in 3D game scenes, and more than 1 year experience in unity technical art (TA) positions;

2. Familiar with Unity3D engine, proficient in using Unity3D, Maya (3DMAX), photpshop and other software, excellent modeling, wiring, UV distribution capabilities.

3. Have a certain hand-painted foundation and rich experience in making hand-painted textures, and have a good grasp of the overall color and rhythm of textures and scenes;

4. Be proactive and self-disciplined towards work, and be able to complete work requirements on time, quality and quantity;

5. Have good communication skills, be able to withstand strong work pressure, have a team spirit, have problems, and can put forward constructive opinions from a technical point of view is preferred;

Description of job

1. Performing various administrative duties, such as preparing commission and expense reports, and conducting post-sale followups with the customers
2. Working with other employees to develop effective strategies to meet sales targets
3. Managing inventory by keeping records of available products
4. Processing sales transactions and sales contracts and receiving payments
5. Creating awareness and promoting special offers and loyalty programs
6. Managing client relationships through all the stages of the sales cycle
7. Ensuring that customers are fully satisfied with the services offered

Job Requirements

1. Understanding of Cryptocurrency products, hardware and solutions.   2. Critical and analytical thinking to provide logical answers to customers’ questions   3. Empathy to understand customers’ needs   4. Knowledge of the current trends in the consumer goods sector   5. Understanding of basic mathematics to measure products, prepare invoices, and analyze sales data 6. Familiarity with digital technology and its applications in sales   6.  Familiarity with digital technology and its applications in sales   7. Understanding of basic mathematics to measure products, prepare invoices, and analyze sales data    

Vipera LLC provides industrial-scale data center colocation hosting facilities in Canada. We are a great team with vision, innovation, passion, drive to deliver, excellent collaboration and execution.

We are looking for new colleagues who also strive for excellence and willing to be part of the team challenging the world’s leading-edge blockchain market.

We have 10 technician positions open and 1 management position.

Senior Blockchain Mining Technician bases in Calgary Alberta.


1. Senior Blockchain Mining Technician works as key person ensuring all customer server environments are secure, operational, and highly available through continuous proactive monitoring, customer support, and scheduled maintenance preparation.

2. Lead the technical works of cryptocurrency mining plants.

3. Lead the upgrades, replacements, and cabling of network equipment.

4. Train and monitor the team on server maintenance, identifying, diagnosing, repairing and replace failed components of servers.

5. Establish, administer and train the team on physical security systems and upholding security policies including access verification and provisioning, vendor escorts, upkeep of security logbook entries, and CCTV administration and monitoring.

6. Working with line manager as key members to maximize server uptime.

7. Interface directly with customers and track interactions, progress, and resolution in trouble tickets

8. Arranges and facilitates status meetings, integration meetings, escalation problem management calls and other meetings.

9. Lead to develop and update internal technical standards and SOP, ensure project requirements

10. Must be able to work a flexible schedule and be on-call after hours, including holidays and weekend.

11. Travel when required

12. Other assigned work by line manager.

Job Requirements

  1. 1-year relevant work experience internet standards, cabling, protocols, systems infrastructure, electrical and/or mechanical redundant systems in a cryptocurrency mining data center / plant.
  2. Ability to perform console access and other remote hands services for customers and our networking team.
  3. Experience dealing directly with B2B level customer in a mission-critical technical support.
  4. Troubleshooting and problem-solving skills.
  5. Vendor managing experience.
  6. Good written and verbal/phone communication skills.
  7. Proven to be results-oriented with a focus on delivering.
  8. Ability to learn quickly on the job through mentoring and action.
  9. Working knowledge of backup electrical systems, generators, UPS, ATS, switchboards.
  10. Working knowledge of electrical circuits.
  11. PC Repair experience is considered an asset.
  12. AEC / DEP or Skilled Trade Certificate (preferred)
  13. Salary

    Working Hours: $23 - $49 an hour Job type : Full-time Permanent:
    • 10 Positions Available
    • 1 Manager Position Available
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