Huapeng 3000 KVA Pad Mounted Transformer


Capacity: 3000 kVA

Phase: Three-phase

Impedance: 5.75%

Cooling: KNAN with FR3 oil

Vector Group: Dyn1

Efficiency: DOE-2016 compliant

High Voltage: 12,470 Delta Volts, 95 kV BIL

High Voltage Configuration: Dead Front, Loop Feed

Taps: 2 – 2.5% taps above and 2 – 2.5% taps below normal

Load-Break Switching: 15-38kV, 200A

Overcurrent Protection: Bayonet Fuses with Partial-Range Current-Limiting Fuses

Low Voltage: 415 Volts, 30 kV BIL

Low Voltage Class: 1.2 kV

Coatings: Munsell Green topcoat

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    Transformer Specifications:

    The Huapeng 3000kVA Pad Transformer is a robust three-phase transformer with a capacity of 3000 kVA, making it suitable for various industrial and utility applications. Its low impedance of 5.75% ensures efficient power transfer while minimizing energy losses. This transformer operates with a cooling system consisting of KNAN and FR3 oil, guaranteeing effective temperature control. Its Dyn1 vector group configuration provides flexibility in power distribution setups, and it complies with DOE-2016 efficiency standards, reflecting its commitment to energy efficiency. With high voltage rated at 12,470 Delta Volts and a 95 kV BIL, it can handle demanding voltage requirements. The inclusion of multiple taps, both above and below the normal rating, allows for precise voltage adjustments, ensuring optimal performance. Additionally, its load-break switching capability at 15-38kV and 200A provides versatility in managing electrical circuits.

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    Safety and Accessories:

    The Huapeng 3000kVA Pad Transformer prioritizes safety and reliability. It features overcurrent protection using bayonet fuses in series with Partial-Range Current-Limiting fuses, minimizing the risk of electrical faults. With a low voltage rating of 415 Volts and a 30 kV BIL, it provides consistent power distribution on the low-voltage side. The transformer is equipped with IEEE standard two-hole ground pads for grounding, enhancing safety. Its construction includes a durable enclosure with a bolted or welded cover, ensuring the security of internal components. The presence of gauges, including liquid level, thermometer, pressure/vacuum gauge, and a drain valve with a sampler in the low-voltage compartment, offers real-time monitoring and maintenance convenience. Lastly, the Munsell Green topcoat adds a protective layer to the transformer's exterior while adhering to industry standards.

Parameter Specification
Capacity 3000 kVA
Phase Three-phase
Impedance 5.75%
Temperature Rise 65°C (average winding rise)
Cooling Class KNAN with FR3 oil
Vector Group Dyn1
Efficiency Standard DOE-2016 compliant
High Voltage 12,470 Delta Volts
High Voltage BIL 95 kV
High Voltage Configuration Dead Front, Loop Feed
Taps 2 – 2.5% taps above and 2 – 2.5% taps below normal
Load-Break Switching 15-38kV, 200A 4-Position T-Blade
Overcurrent Protection Bayonet Fuses in series with Partial-Range Current-Limiting Fuses
Expulsion Fuses Bayonet Fuses
Bayonet Holder Silver-Plated Holder Fuses
Low Voltage 415 Volts
Low Voltage BIL 30 kV
Low Voltage Class 1.2 kV
Low Voltage Bushings Integral copper 12-hole spade bushings
Bushing Arrangement Staggered LV Bushing Arrangement
Bushing Supports Standard LV Bushing Support Assembly
Cabinet Hardware Penta-head cabinet door bolts
IEEE K-Dimension Loop feed per IEEE C57.12.34-2015 Figure 11 min. dimensions (without bails)
Coatings Munsell Green (Munsell 7GY 3.29/1.5) topcoat
Gauges & Fittings Liquid level gauge, Thermometer (dial type), Pressure/vacuum gauge, Drain valve (1″) with sampler in LV compartment, Pressure relief device (35 SCFM)
Tank Accessories IEEE standard two-hole ground pads
Cover Bolted or welded cover with handhole
Gauges Location Inside Main Cabinet on Front Plate



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