Canaan AvalonMiner A1466 150TH/s 3230W


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Manufacturer: Canaan

Model: Avalon Made A1466

Also known as: Avalon Miner A1466

Dimensions: 271 x 192 x 292mm

Weight: 13000g

Noise level: 75db

Cooling system: 12050 FAN

Number of fans: 2

Power consumption: 3230W

Connection interface: Ethernet

Operating temperature range: -5 – 35°C

Operating humidity range: 10 – 90%

Warranty: 1 year manufacturer parts, repair or replace


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    Canaan Avalon Miner A1466 Overview

    Released in very small test batches October 2023 in anticipation of the April, 2024 halving, the Avalon Miner A1466, also known simply as the Avalon Made A1466, represents the latest in Canaan's line of cryptocurrency mining hardware. This model stands out for its robust build and efficiency, measuring 271 x 192 x 292mm and weighing in at 13000g. Designed for the serious miner, the A1466 model boasts a substantial noise level of 75db, indicating its powerful performance. Equipped with a high-efficiency cooling system that includes a 12050 fan and an additional fan, it ensures optimal operation under various conditions.

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    Technical Specifications and Environment Conditions

    Powering the Avalon Miner A1466 is an impressive 3230W power supply, demanding significant energy but offering equally significant mining capabilities. It connects via Ethernet, allowing for straightforward integration into existing mining setups. The device operates optimally in a temperature range from -5 to 35°C and can withstand humidity levels of 10 to 90%. This wide range of operating conditions demonstrates Canaan's commitment to creating mining equipment that is versatile and capable of performing in diverse environments, ensuring reliability and efficiency for cryptocurrency miners worldwide.

Manufacturer Canaan
Model Avalon Made A1466
Also known as Avalon Miner A1466
Release October 2023
Size 271 x 192 x 292mm
Weight 13000g
Noise level 75db
Cooling 12050 FAN
Fan(s) 2
Power 3230W
Interface Ethernet
Temperature -5 – 35 °C
Humidity 10 – 90 %



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