Bitmain Antbox N5 Mobile Mining Container 20HQ 658KW Outdoor V2

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Built for outdoor all-weather operation
Safe and durable construction
Large exhausts with inlet filter pads and excellent heat dissipation
Improved features over previous generation include security camera, augmented heat isolation, facial recognition terminal, lightweight materials and more
The N5 V2 model can accommodate 205 S19 model ASICs. It is exclusive to the S19/S17/T19 “double-stack” format of ASICs.


UPDATE 09.13.2023: USA stock sold out. Only Tianjin stock remains (new units).


UPDATE 11.03.2022: The Antbox N5 V2 has been discontinued. Please refer to the ModuleBox V4 as an updated and superior alternative.


Important note: All Antboxes are made to order with a production time of about 30 days. Ocean freight can take between 15-40 days depending on port of entry. Vipera will absorb the 25% import tariff for customers in the United States. Vipera can use its own freight forwarder for every order, and shipping costs are an extra consideration and will be billed at time of completion. Client must provide 3-phase power or transformer, flat concrete slab for placement, crane for placement, fire extinguisher, smoke detector, canopy and cabling ladder. 5 panel assembly required.

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  • Introducing ANTBOX V2 N5

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    Version : ANTBOX N5 V2
    Miner capacity : 17 series miner is 180 units
    Operating power (KW) : 658KW
    Overall dimensions (L,W, H) (mm) : 6058*2438*2896
    Weight : ~ 3.8 tons
    Container certification : China Classification Society Certification
    Safety certificate : Power distribution cabinet, PDUs, cables, switches, network cables, etc are certified by UL/CUL
    Voltage Input and frequency :380V~415V AC 50~60HZ

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    Power Distribution & Power Demand

    The current capacity of main switch of power distribution cabinet : 1600A/2000A
    Rated current : 1250A
    Input Voltage : 380-415V AC 50/60HZ
    Operating Power : 672KW~745 KW
    Power consumption of mining machine : 3200~3600 W (Estimation)
    Inlet cable : Single Core 600kcMil (300mm2) *4*5, Above 600V
    2500KVA Transformer : Supports 3 sets of ANTBOX N5 V2 to operate simultaneously)

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Version ANTBOX N5
Overall dimensions (L,W, H) (mm) 6058*2438*2896
Miner capacity 19/17 series miner is 180 units
Voltage Input and frequency 380V~415V AC 50~60HZ
Overall weight (ton, excluding miner) 3.8
Operating power (KW) 658
Standard power (KW) 658
Miner power cable 360
Miner power cable 360
Safety certificate Industrial Control Panel, PDUs, cables, switches, network cables, etc are certified by UL/CUL.
Main switch of Industrial Control Panel (A) 1200
Rated current (A) 1000
Maximum power (KW) 719
Single PDU rated current (A) 31
Overall weight (ton, excluding miner) 3.8
Single unit rated current (A) 18
Single socket rated current (A) 9
2500KVA transformer can bring Antbox quantity 4
Snow load (KN/㎡) 3.5
Industrial Control Panel 1
Panel to PDU power cable 30
PDU 30
Network Switch 15
Network cable 180


  • Antbox N5 V2 Brochure
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3 reviews for Bitmain Antbox N5 Mobile Mining Container 20HQ 658KW Outdoor V2

    May 8, 2023
    Nice but I still don't know what wires I need to connect to it and can't find a yt vid on it. so what do I need?
    Scott Gilbert
    October 7, 2021
    Was getting quoted $145,000 locally here in Utah and almost pulled the trigger. Glad I found this even if I have to wait 60 days.
    Immersion LLC
    October 3, 2021
    Getting ours in 60 days was to either buy this or a whole warehouse for way way more.

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