Intel Xeon Platinum 8480+ CPU Processor 56 Core 2.00GHz 105MB L3 Cache 350W SRM7H


Intel manufacturer

SRM7H part number

4th Gen Xeon Scalable

Sapphire Rapids code name

FCLGA4677 socket

2.00GHz base frequency

3.80GHz max turbo

56 cores, 112 threads

105MB cache

4TB DDR5 memory max

PCIe 5.0 support

350W TDP

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    A Closer Look at Intel's Sapphire Rapids:

    Intel's latest brainchild, the Sapphire Rapids from the 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable lineup (yes, the fancy Platinum 8400 Series), feels like it's straight out of a tech aficionado's dream. Imagine having the power to breeze through tasks that used to take ages, all thanks to the whopping 56 cores and 112 threads this beast packs. It's not just about having a ton of cores; the thought Intel has put into the cache size and memory support is something to marvel at. We're talking about a processor that's ready to chew through data at mind-blowing speeds, all the while holding up to 4TB of memory. It's like Intel sat down, wondered how to make our data-heavy, computation-intense dreams come true, and delivered Sapphire Rapids as the answer.

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    Redefining Speed and Efficiency for the Future

    But Sapphire Rapids isn't just a one-trick pony focused solely on raw power. Intel didn't stop at just making things faster; they've practically reinvented how this processor connects and communicates, making sure it plays nice with the latest tech. With PCIe 5.0 in the mix, we're looking at data transfer speeds that could make your current setup weep with envy. And with up to 80 lanes available, this processor is like an eight-lane highway for your data, compared to the congested two-lane roads we've been dealing with. Add in the cutting-edge memory speeds and ECC support, and you've got yourself a system that's not just fast but also sharp and reliable. Intel's Sapphire Rapids is more than just a processor; it's a glimpse into a future where our tech isn't just keeping up with us but pushing us to achieve more.

Specification Category Specification Details
General Information
Manufacturer Intel
Part Number SRM7H
CPU Series 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable (Platinum 8400 Series)
Processor Code Name Sapphire Rapids
Sockets Supported FCLGA4677
Note No heatsink, no accessories or tools included
CPU Frequency 2.00GHz
CPU Max Turbo Frequency 3.80GHz
Multi-Core 56-Core
Threads 112
Cache 105MB
Intel UPI Speed 16GT/s
Max Number UPI Links 4
Lithography Intel 7
Thermal Design Power 350W
Memory Specs
Max Memory Size 4TB (4,000GB)
Memory Types DDR5
Max Memory Speeds 4800 MHz 1DPC / 4400 MHz 2DPC
Max Num. Memory Channels 8
ECC Support Yes
Expansion Options
Scalability 2S
PCI Expression Revision 5.0
Max Num. of PCI Lanes 80



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