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Vipera's LED OLED Displays Holographic Transforming Tourism and Hospitality |

Employ a variety of technologies to breathe new life into a thriving tourism industry


Welcome to Vipera’s Hospitality page, where we showcase our innovative LED and OLED display solutions, revolutionizing tourism spots and hotels worldwide. Our state-of-the-art technology, including holographic projects, brings an unparalleled visual experience, setting new standards in the hospitality industry.

Global intelligent scenic spot

Enhancing tourism with LED and holographic displays for immersive, interactive experiences at Global Intelligent Scenic Spots.

Create unique cultural theme IP

Crafting unique cultural IPs by fusing heritage with innovation, offering global appeal and a deep connection to diverse traditions.

Immersive night tour experience

Experience magical nights with immersive tours, blending captivating storytelling and stunning visuals for unforgettable evenings.

Successful Examples

LED Display at The Grand Resort

LED Display at The Grand Resort

Experience the magic as you enter The Grand Resort, where our LED creates a dynamic, starlit sky, enhancing the luxurious ambiance and making every entrance memorable.
Disney's Enchanted Evening Spectacle

Disney's Enchanted Evening Spectacle

We proudly delivered an extraordinary project for Disney, showcasing our state-of-the-art M3 P3.91 LED models.
Interactive Holographic Displays at Historical Tourism Site

Interactive Holographic Displays at Historical Tourism Site

At various historical tourism sites, our holographic displays bring history to life, offering interactive and educational experiences that captivate visitors of all ages.

Practical Application Display

Vipera Business Partner
Vipera Business Partner
Vipera Business Partner
Vipera Business Partner
Vipera Business Partner

Benefits of Our Technology

Use the concept of intelligent cultural tourism to promote upgrade of scenic spot, create cultural symbols and inherit cultural genes.

Enhanced Guest Experience

Our displays create unforgettable visual experiences, making every visit special.

Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly technology reducing operational costs.


Tailored solutions to fit the unique style and needs of each location.

Durability and Reliability

Long-lasting performance in various environments.

Hospitality (Hotels and Tourism) | Vipertech | Holographic technology

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Transforming spaces with LED projects: vibrant visuals, energy efficiency, and innovative design for impactful, dynamic environments.

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