Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series
Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series
Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series
Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series

Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series


Introducing Intel Data Center GPU Flex Series for the Intelligent Visual Cloud

Delivering 5x media transcode throughput performance and up to 68 simultaneous cloud gaming streams, Flex Series GPU is designed to meet the requirements for intelligent visual cloud workloads.

Intel® Data Center GPU Flex Series is flexible, robust, and the industry’s most open GPU solution for the intelligent visual cloud. The GPU will support a diverse range of workloads in the industry starting with media streaming and cloud gaming, followed by support for AI visual inference and virtual desktop Infrastructure workloads. It supports an open, standards-based software stack optimized for density and quality with critical server capabilities for high reliability, availability, and scalability. This helps reduce the need for data centers to use disparate solutions and manage heterogenous or proprietary environments.

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GPU specifications

Flex 170 Flex 140 Difference
Execution Units 512 256 200%
Xe cores 32 16 200%
Render Slices 8 4 200%
Ray-Tracing Units 32 16 200%
Intel Xe Matrix Extensions (Intel XMX) Engines 512 256 200%
Graphics Max Dynamic Clock (MHz) 2,050 1,950 105%
Graphics Base Clock (MHz) 1,950 1,600 122%
TBP (W) 150 75 200%
TDP (W) 150 75 200%
PCI Express Configurations Gen 4 ×16 Gen 4 ×8 200%
Memory Size (Gb) 16 12 133%
Memory Type GDDR6 GDDR6
Graphics Memory Interface (Bits) 256 192 133%
Graphics Memory Bandwidth (Gb/s) 576 336 171%
Ray Tracing Yes Yes
H.264 Hardware Encode/Decode Yes Yes
H.265 (HEVC) Hardware Encode/Decode Yes Yes
AV1 Encode/Decode Yes Yes
VP9 Bitstream & Decoding Yes Yes



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