iBeLink BM-KS Max 10.5Th/s 3400W (KAS)

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Manufacturer: iBeLink

Model: BM-KS Max

Release Date: February 2024

Size Without Packaging: 340 x 190 x 293 mm

Size With Packaging: 424 x 289 x 388 mm

Net Weight: 12.2kg

Voltage: 190-240V

Noise Level: 75 dB

Fan(s): 4x 5,000 RPM Delta

Power: 3,400W

Interface: Ethernet

Operating Temperature: 0 – 45 °C

Humidity: 0 – 95 %

Warranty: 6 months manufacturer repair, parts or replace


This is a preorder for the May production batch, with delivery in early June, 2024. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. “In Stock” refers to future allocations remaining. For bulk inquiries, consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.

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    iBeLink BM-KS Max Overview

    The iBeLink BM-KS Max, also known as the iBeLink BM-KS Max KAS Miner, marks a significant release in the cryptocurrency mining industry with its launch set for February 2024. Engineered for efficiency and performance, this miner boasts impressive specifications tailored for serious miners. With dimensions of 340 x 190 x 293 mm without packaging and 424 x 289 x 388 mm with packaging, it offers a compact yet powerful solution for mining operations. The unit's net weight stands at 12,200 grams, making it a sturdy piece of equipment designed to handle continuous operation.

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    Technical Specifications and Operating Conditions

    Equipped with a power supply requirement of 3400W and an operating voltage range of 190-240V, the BM-KS Max is designed to maximize mining efficiency while maintaining a noise level of 75 dB, thanks to its four integrated fans. This setup ensures optimal cooling and sustained performance under varying conditions. It operates effectively within a temperature range of 0 – 45 °C and can withstand humidity levels of 0 – 95%, making it adaptable to diverse mining environments. Furthermore, iBeLink guarantees the reliability of the BM-KS Max with a 6-month warranty, providing users with assurance and support for their investment.

Specification Details
Manufacturer iBeLink
Model BM-KS Max
Also Known As iBeLink BM-KS Max KAS Miner
Release Date February 2024
Size Without Packaging 340 x 190 x 293 mm
Size With Packaging 424 x 289 x 388 mm
Net Weight 12200 g
Voltage 190-240V
Noise Level 75 dB
Fan(s) 4
Power 3400W
Interface Ethernet
Operating Temperature 0 – 45 °C
Humidity 0 – 95 %
Warranty 6 months



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