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Power: 9.6KW

Ampere: 40Amp/50Amp

Rated Voltage: Max. 230V

IP Rating: IP54

LED Indicator: Green/Yellow/Red

Charging interface: Type 17.5m (25 feet)

Start Mode: Plug&Play/RFID/NFC/APP

Installation: Pole mount / Wall Mount

Installation: Operating temperature: -40℉-131℉

Certificate: CSAus/FCC/IC/Energy Star/BQB

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  • UL Wallbox designed for residential and commercial areas EV charging needs. Users can operate mobile Apps, social plantforms, and third-party aggregation platforms to position and reserve chargers, and operate charging sessions via communication means like 4G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.

    UL Wallbox is available multiple charging methods so that it can adapts to various power grid systems and provides safe charging service.

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    High-Powered and Versatile: The 9.6KW Charging Solution

    With a power rating of 9.6KW, this charging solution offers a robust and high-powered option for electric vehicles. It supports both 40Amp and 50Amp amperage, allowing for flexible charging capabilities. The rated voltage of up to 230V ensures efficient and reliable charging performance. Equipped with an IP54 rating, this charging unit is well-protected against dust and water, making it suitable for outdoor installations. The LED indicator, available in green, yellow, and red, provides clear visual feedback on the charging status, keeping users informed. The charging interface comes with a generous Type 17.5m (25 feet) cable, ensuring convenient reach to the vehicle from the charging station. Whether it's a plug&play, RFID, NFC, or APP start mode, users can easily initiate the charging process based on their preferred method. The versatile installation options of pole mount or wall mount cater to different installation requirements, providing flexibility in setting up the charging station.

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    Reliable Performance in Diverse Conditions: Certified and Resilient

    Operating within a wide temperature range of -40℉ to 131℉, this charging solution is designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance even in extreme temperatures. It holds multiple certifications, including CSAus, FCC, IC, Energy Star, and BQB, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. The CSAus certification guarantees its adherence to safety and performance standards. FCC and IC certifications ensure electromagnetic compatibility and proper functioning. The Energy Star certification signifies its energy efficiency and environmentally friendly attributes. With the BQB certification, users can be confident in the wireless communication reliability of this charging solution. With its sturdy construction, reliable certifications, and resilient operating capabilities, this charging solution offers a dependable and efficient charging experience for electric vehicle owners.

Power 9.6KW
Ampere 40Amp/50Amp
Rated Voltage Max.230V
IP Rating IP54
LED Indicator Green/Yellow/Red
Charging interface Type 17.5m(25feet)
Start Mode Plug&Play/RFID/NFC/APP
Installation Pole mount / Wall Mount
Installation: Operating temperature -40℉-131℉
Certificate CSAus/FCC/IC/Energy Star/BQB



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