Goldshell X uGWAN uGW800 (HNT)


Latest release for Helium & LaRaWAN Hotspot mining

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    uGW800 Pro, the Helium and LoRaWAN hotspot has been officially launched in the last week. This is the first cooperation between uGWAN and Goldshell. uGWAN team focus on low-power network technology, sensors, telecommunications, GPS and blockchain one-stop solutions. Part of specific products has been applied to intelligent cities, asset tracking, elder caring and modern agriculture retail.

    uGW800 Pro (146x123x40mm size), with 4x Core @1.5GHz, 2GB RAM and 3 dBi LoRa Antenna. Case with Nylon 6 case and IP65 waterproof, supportive Ethernet and/or WIFI connection, extended FRP antenna, up-to 7dBi LoRa antenna, better for indoor and outdoor installation. Currently, the hotspot only available on frequency 915 MHz.

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    uGW800 has advanced technology, built-in IP65 waterproof shell, nylon 6 shell material, very strong, stable signal reception, very low power consumption, reasonable price, in the future, it can support 4G/5G and remote control through built-in expansion module (mini PCIe), And all machines can purchase components to upgrade new functions.

CPU 4× Core @ 1.5GHz
Size (mm) 146×123×40
GPS Built-in
Network Ethernet/Wi-Fi
BLE Built-in
Case, IP65 Nylon & Fiberglass
PCI-E & SIM Card ext. Optinal 4G LTE Module **
Power supply 12V & USB Type-C



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