FogHashing M1/M6/M20 Immersion Cooling Kit for WhatsMiner M56 / M36 / M66


Product Names: Immersion Cooling Kits M1 | M6 | M20

Compatible with: Whatsminer M36, M56, M66

Power Specs: M1: Single-phase 200-240V
M6: Mixed single/three-phase
M20: Three-phase 350-480V
Plug Types: C14, plus three-phase for mining rigs

Max Ambient Temp Modes: M1: Up to 71°C in low-power mode
M6: 35°C high-performance
M20: Extreme temp adaptable
Noise Levels: Tanks: ≤45dB(A) at 10m
Dry Coolers: ≤68dB(A) at 10m
Whatsminer Compatibility: M36, M56, M66 across all kits

Accessories: Pipelines, Oil Pump, Gasket, Adapter

Coolant Capacities: M1: 30L
M6: 200L
M20: 700L

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    Foghashing M1 Immersion Cooling Kit: Compact Efficiency for Individual Bitcoin Mining

    The Immersion Cooling Kit M1 is the perfect companion for miners using the Whatsminer M56, M36 and M66 series, offering efficient and reliable cooling solutions. With power supply requirements of single-phase 200-240V 50/60Hz for the tank and dry cooler, and three-phase 380V for the mining rig (M56S or M66), this kit ensures seamless operation under various power conditions. The included C14 plugs for the tank and dry cooler, along with the three-phase electric plug for the mining rig, make setup a breeze. Additionally, the M1 kit supports these mining rigs even in challenging environments, with maximum ambient temperature tolerances ranging from 45°C in high-performance mode to 71°C in low-power mode. This flexibility ensures optimal mining performance and longevity.

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    oghashing M6 Native Immersion Cooling Suite for Enhanced Cryptomining Efficiency

    The Foghashing M6 Native Immersion Cooling Suite is a state-of-the-art solution for professional cryptocurrency miners seeking to optimize performance and energy efficiency. It features a native design tailored for WhatsMiner M66/M56 models, co-developed with MicroBT, ensuring seamless integration. The suite boasts a capacious 200L tank and a robust 160kW dry cooler to handle intense computing demands while maintaining a low operational noise level of 45dB at 10m for the tank and 68dB for the cooler. With its ability to house up to 6 miners and adapt to various power supplies, the M6 suite is versatile, supporting both single-phase and three-phase voltages. Its smart design allows for a substantial coolant volume, ensuring stable operation even under extreme climate conditions, all enclosed in a durable and space-saving form factor. Enhanced with a smart PDU for sophisticated energy management and designed for scalable deployment, the M6 suite represents a significant leap forward in immersive cooling technology.

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    Foghashing M20 Native Immersion Cooling Suite: Ultimate Mining Performance for Professionals

    The Foghashing M20 Native Immersion Cooling Suite delivers unparalleled performance for large-scale mining operations. Designed specifically for WhatsMiner M66/M56 models in partnership with MicroBT, this cooling suite can house up to 20 miners within its advanced tank system. It features a massive 700L coolant capacity and a 160kW cooling capacity that operates effectively even in extreme temperature environments. The suite's intelligent management system streamlines operations with remote management software, providing a one-key intelligent operation. Flexible scalability and a one-year warranty with repair services underline the M20’s commitment to enduring service. Its intelligent design promotes efficient flow, saves space and coolant, and ensures mining operations can reach new heights of efficiency and profitability.

Specification M1 Immersion Cooling Kit M6 Native Immersion Cooling Kit M20 Native Immersion Cooling Suite
Tank Outer Size (LxWxH) 360x330x513 mm 1185x530x760 mm 1982x774x1072 mm
Tank Inner Size (LxWxH) 150x273x337 mm 912x404x335 mm N/A
Dry Cooler Outer Size (LxWxH) 1076x285x531 mm 1500x1200x900 mm 2956x2220x2454 mm
Net Weight (Tank) 21.5 kg 110 kg 172 kg
Net Weight (Dry Cooler) 45 kg 200 kg Max Power Load: 14kW
Coolant Volume 30 L 200 L 700 L
Input Voltage (Tank) Single-phase 200-240V<br>Three-phase 380-480V for M56 Single-phase 200-240V<br>Three-phase 380-480V for M56 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz
Input Voltage (Dry Cooler) Single-phase 200-240V 3-phase 380-480V 50/60Hz 3-phase 350-480V 50/60Hz
Power (Tank) 180W (220V 50Hz) 850W (220V 50Hz) N/A
Power (Dry Cooler) 5-400W (220V 50Hz) 10-1800W (220V 50Hz) N/A
Noise (Tank) 45dB(A) @ 10m 45dB(A) @ 10m N/A
Noise (Dry Cooler) 68dB(A) @ 10m 68dB(A) @ 10m 68dB(A) @ 10m
Cooling Capacity High-performance mode@45°C<br>Normal mode@57°C 160kW@35°C 160kW@35°C
Ambient Temperature -25-55°C -25-55°C -25°C~55°C
Qty of Miner(s) 1* M66/M56 6* M66/M56 20* M66/M56
Accessories Pipeline, Oil Filling Pump, Power Adapter, Gaskets, Manual, Sticker Pipeline, Oil Filling Pump, Power Adapter, Gaskets, Manual, Sticker N/A
Additional Features N/A 100A 3-Phase Smart PDU (Optional) Smart PDU Included, Heat Transfer Area: 930m³



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