Nvidia HGX H20 Enterprise 96GB

GPU Architecture: NVIDIA Hopper

GPU Memory: 96 GB HBM3

GPU Memory Bandwidth: 4.0 TB/s

INT8 | FPB Tensor Core: 296 | 296 TFLOPS

BF16 | FP16 Tensor Core®: 148 | 148 TFLOPS

TF32 Tensor Core: 74 TFLOPS



RT Core: N/A

MIG (Multi-Instance GPU): Up to 7 instances

L2 Cache: 60 MB

Media Engine: 7 NVDEC, 7 NVJPEG

Power Consumption: 400 W

Form Factor: 8-way HGX

Interconnect: PCIe Gen5 x16: 128 GB/s, NVLink: 900GB/s



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    NVIDIA HGX H20: Pinnacle of Hopper Architecture

    Unveiling NVIDIA's HGX H20, a powerhouse driven by the cutting-edge Hopper architecture. With 96 GB of HBM3 memory and a 4.0 TB/s memory bandwidth, this GPU delivers unparalleled performance in AI applications. Diverse Tensor Cores, including INT8, FPB, BF16, and FP16, contribute to up to 296 TFLOPS, complemented by an additional 74 TFLOPS from the TF32 Tensor Core. Beyond raw power, the HGX H20 supports Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) technology, offering versatility with up to seven instances for optimized workload distribution. Enhanced by a 60 MB L2 Cache and a media engine featuring 7 NVDEC and 7 NVJPEG units, this GPU is designed for efficiency and robust multimedia processing. With a 400 W power consumption and a form factor tailored for eight-way HGX configurations, the HGX H20 marks a paradigm shift in GPU processing.

Specification Details
GPU Architecture NVIDIA Hopper
GPU Memory 96 GB HBM3
GPU Memory Bandwidth 4.0 TB/s
INT8 FPB Tensor Core*
BF16 FP16 Tensor Core®
TF32 Tensor Core* 74 TFLOPS
RT Core N/A
MIG Up to 7 MIG
L2 Cache 60 MB
Media Engine 7 NVDEC, 7 NVJPEG
Power 400 W
Form Factor 8-way HGX
Interconnect PCIe Gen5 x16: 128 GB/s, NVLink: 900GB/s



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