NVIDIA A30 Enterprise Tensor Core 24GB 165W

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GPU memory: 24GB HBM2

GPU memory bandwidth: 933GB/s

Interconnect: PCIe Gen4: 64GB/s, Third-gen NVLINK: 200GB/s**

Form factor: Dual-slot, full-height, full-length (FHFL)

Max thermal design power (TDP): 165W

Multi-Instance GPU (MIG): 4 GPU instances @ 6GB each, 2 GPU instances @ 12GB each, 1 GPU instance @ 24GB

Virtual GPU (vGPU) software support: NVIDIA AI Enterprise, NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server

Warranty: 2 year manufacturer repair or replace


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  • AI Inference and Mainstream Compute for Every Enterprise

    Bring accelerated performance to every enterprise workload with NVIDIA A30 Tensor Core GPUs. With NVIDIA Ampere architecture Tensor Cores and Multi-Instance GPU (MIG), it delivers speedups securely across diverse workloads, including AI inference at scale and high-performance computing (HPC) applications. By combining fast memory bandwidth and low-power consumption in a PCIe form factor—optimal for mainstream servers—A30 enables an elastic data center and delivers maximum value for enterprises.

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    Deep Learning Training

    AI Training—Up to 3X higher throughput than v100 and 6X higher than T4

    Training AI models for next-level challenges such as conversational AI requires massive compute power and scalability.

    NVIDIA A30 Tensor Cores with Tensor Float (TF32) provide up to 10X higher performance over the NVIDIA T4 with zero code changes and an additional 2X boost with automatic mixed precision and FP16, delivering a combined 20X throughput increase. When combined with NVIDIA® NVLink®, PCIe Gen4, NVIDIA networking, and the NVIDIA Magnum IO SDK, it’s possible to scale to thousands of GPUs.

    Tensor Cores and MIG enable A30 to be used for workloads dynamically throughout the day. It can be used for production inference at peak demand, and part of the GPU can be repurposed to rapidly re-train those very same models during off-peak hours.

    NVIDIA set multiple performance records in MLPerf, the industry-wide benchmark for AI training.

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A30 Tensor Core GPU Specifications

FP64 5.2 teraFLOPS
FP64 Tensor Core 10.3 teraFLOPS
FP32 10.3 teraFLOPS
TF32 Tensor Core 82 teraFLOPS | 165 teraFLOPS*
BFLOAT16 Tensor Core 165 teraFLOPS | 330 teraFLOPS*
FP16 Tensor Core 165 teraFLOPS | 330 teraFLOPS*
INT8 Tensor Core 330 TOPS | 661 TOPS*
INT4 Tensor Core 661 TOPS | 1321 TOPS*
Media engines 1 optical flow accelerator (OFA)
1 JPEG decoder (NVJPEG)
4 video decoders (NVDEC)
GPU memory 24GB HBM2
GPU memory bandwidth 933GB/s
Interconnect PCIe Gen4: 64GB/s
Third-gen NVLINK: 200GB/s**
Form factor Dual-slot, full-height, full-length (FHFL)
Max thermal design power (TDP) 165W
Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) 4 GPU instances @ 6GB each
2 GPU instances @ 12GB each
1 GPU instance @ 24GB
Virtual GPU (vGPU) software support NVIDIA AI Enterprise
NVIDIA Virtual Compute Server



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