Holographic Dsee-65X2 Smart Display Fan


Size (cm): 65cm*65cm

Number of LEDs per Blade: 256

Resolution: 1024*1024

Number of Blades: 4

Brightness: 1600cd/m²

Device Weight: 575g (include bracket)

Thickness: 50.7mm

Device Rotational Speed: 600/750/900rpm optional

Rated Power: 24V/60W

Operating System: Linux

WiFi: 2.4G

Memory Space: 16G

Advantage: High-resolution; Top recommended equipment for multi-screen setups

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    Revolutionize Your Display Experience with the Dsee-65X:

    The Dsee-65X redefines visual excellence with its 65cm65cm dimensions, 10241024 resolution, and 256 LEDs per blade. Weighing a mere 575g, this slim display offers high brightness (1600cd/m²) and optional rotational speeds, making it the top choice for multi-screen setups. Operating on a robust 24V/60W system with Linux OS, 2.4G WiFi, and 16G memory space, it ensures seamless performance.

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    Versatile Options to Suit Your Space:

    Choose from the standalone cover (828217cm, 8KG) for a sleek display or the cover+base combo (base: 684012cm, 3KG) for added stability. Express chargeable weights of 22KG and 6.5KG offer flexibility, allowing you to tailor your visual experience to your unique needs. The Dsee-65X isn't just a display; it's a customizable solution for those who demand cutting-edge resolution and versatility.

Specification Details
Size (cm) 65cm*65cm
Number of LEDs per Blade 256
Resolution 1024*1024
Number of Blades 4
Brightness 1600cd/m²
Device Weight 575g (include bracket)
Thickness 50.7mm
Device Rotational Speed 600/750/900rpm optional
Rated Power 24V/60W
Operating System Linux
WiFi 2.4G
Memory Space 16G
Advantage High-resolution, the top recommended equipment for multi-screen setups



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