3-Phase 18-Outlet C19 Vertical Breaker Switched Rack Pdu

Efficient Rack Utilization:

Mounting Dimension: 19inch

Mounting Size: 1358mm

Mounting Direction: Vertical

Number of Units: 0U

Width: 60mm

Height: 85mm

Versatile Power Distribution:

Type of Electric Plug Connection: C19

Number of Sockets: 18

With Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breaker: Yes

With Mounting Bracket: Yes

Included Accessories: User manual/M6x4 fixing

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    The 3-Phase 18-Outlet C19 Vertical Breaker Switched Rack PDU is a robust and efficient power distribution unit designed to meet the power demands of industrial and enterprise environments.  With its three-phase configuration and 18 C19 power outlets, this PDU offers a reliable solution for distributing power in high-density server racks and data centers.
    Equipped with circuit breakers for each phase, this PDU provides advanced protection against electrical faults, overloads, and short circuits.  The breakers automatically trip in the event of an abnormal electrical condition, ensuring the safety of connected devices and minimizing any potential downtime.
    The vertical design of this PDU maximizes space utilization in server racks, allowing easy access to the 18 C19 power outlets.  The C19 connectors are compatible with a wide range of server and networking equipment, providing the versatility needed in demanding environments.
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    The switched functionality of this PDU enables control of individual outlets, giving you the flexibility to turn on, turn off, or reboot specific devices as required.  This management capability enhances operational efficiency, reduces the need for physical intervention, and optimizes power usage.
    Installation and configuration of the PDU are straightforward, with clear instructions and flexible mounting options.  The durable construction of this PDU ensures reliable performance even in harsh industrial environments.
    ▪ IEC C19*18
    ▪ Anti-fall modules make the data center room more secure
    ▪ Hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker provides overload protection
    ▪ Available in vertical Zero-U to save space
    ▪ Cold-rolled steel material
Feature Values
Mounting dimension 19inch
Mounting size 1358mm
Mounting direction vertical
Type of  electric plug connection C19
Number of sockets 18
Number of units 0U
Width 60mm
Height 85mm
With a hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker yes
With mounting bracket yes
Included accessories user manual/M6x4 fixing



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