IceRiver KS0 Power Supply


Input voltage: 100-240V

Input frequency: 50-60Hz

Output power: 90W

Output voltage: 19V

Maximum output current: 4.74A

Operating temperature: 0-40°C

Input interface: C6

Output interface: DC 5.5*2.5

Warranty 3-years manufacturer

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  • PSU for KS0 - Reliable Power Supply for Enhanced Performance

    PSU for KS0, a reliable and high-performance power supply unit designed to optimize the performance of your KS0 system. With an input voltage range of 100-240V and an input frequency of 50-60Hz, this power supply unit ensures compatibility with various electrical systems. Delivering a steady output power of 90W and an output voltage of 19V, it provides a robust and consistent power flow to meet the demanding requirements of your KS0 system. With a maximum output current of 4.74A, it offers sufficient power for seamless operation.

    Operating within a safe temperature range of 0-40°C, the PSU for KS0 ensures optimal performance even under challenging conditions. This reliable power supply unit safeguards your KS0 system from potential overheating issues, enabling it to operate smoothly and efficiently. Whether you are running resource-intensive applications or engaging in heavy multitasking, the PSU for KS0 delivers stable power to keep your system performing at its best.

  • Optimal Temperature Management for Long-Lasting Performance

    The PSU for KS0 is engineered to maintain optimal temperature levels for long-lasting performance. Operating within a safe temperature range of 0-40°C, this power supply unit ensures that your KS0 system remains cool and protected even during extended usage periods. By effectively managing heat dissipation, the PSU for KS0 safeguards your system from potential performance throttling, ensuring uninterrupted and consistent operation.

    With its advanced temperature management capabilities, the PSU for KS0 offers enhanced reliability and longevity to your system components. By preventing excessive heat buildup, it helps extend the lifespan of sensitive electronic parts, such as the motherboard, CPU, and GPU, reducing the risk of premature failure or damage. This temperature management feature not only ensures smooth and stable operation but also contributes to overall system stability and longevity.

Product Description

Input voltage 100-240V
Input frequency 50-60Hz
Output power 90W
Output voltage 19V
Maximum output current 4.74A
Operating temperature 0-40°C
Input interface C6
Output interface DC 5.5*2.5



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