GSM100W – GSM200WA Portable Solar Panels


✔ 100W portable solar folding panel
✔ Power output: 100W 17.6V 5.68A or 36V 2.78A
✔ Battery: SunPower 125*125mm
✔ Fabric type: Polyester 900D (optional 600D/1000D)
✔ Fabric color: black/camouflage/other
✔ Expansion size: 11005405mm
✔ Folding size: 55054015mm
✔ Weight: about 3.4kgs

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    The GSM100W is a versatile and portable solar folding panel designed to provide reliable power on the go. With a power output of 100W, it offers two options for voltage and current output: 17.6V 5.68A or 36V 2.78A, allowing flexibility to meet various charging needs. The panel features SunPower 125125mm battery cells known for their efficiency and durability. Constructed with a polyester fabric, it offers options for different fabric types and colors to suit individual preferences. The expansion size of 11005405mm provides ample surface area for capturing sunlight, while the folding size of 550540*15mm makes it compact and easy to carry. Weighing approximately 3.4kg, it is lightweight and convenient for outdoor activities, camping, and charging portable devices.

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    The GSM200WA is a high-performance portable solar folding panel capable of delivering 200W of power. With a power output of 19.8V and 11.12A, it ensures efficient and fast charging. The panel is equipped with a chip conversion rate of 24% and an overall conversion rate of 85%, maximizing the energy conversion from sunlight. The SunPower 125125mm battery cells further enhance its performance and reliability. The expanded size of 70718895mm provides a larger surface area for capturing sunlight, while the closed size of 544707*20mm makes it compact and easy to store and transport. Weighing 7kg, it strikes a balance between power output and portability, making it suitable for camping trips, RV adventures, and off-grid power needs. The GSM200WA is an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and efficient solar panel solution for their outdoor power requirements.

Specification GSM100W GSM200WA
Power Output 100W 17.6V 5.68A or 36V 2.78A 200W 19.8V 11.12A
Battery SunPower 125*125mm
Fabric Type Polyester 900D (optional 600D/1000D)
Fabric Color Black/Camouflage/Other
Expansion Size 11005405mm 70718895mm
Folding Size 55054015mm 54470720mm
Weight About 3.4kg 7kg
Chip Conversion Rate 24%
Overall Conversion 85%
Item GSSF200W-SP (19.8V)
Voltage 19.8V
Power 200W
Expanded Size 70718895mm
Closed Size 54470720mm
Weight 7kg



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