MicroBT WhatsMiner M36S – M36S++ 3306W


✓ Manufacturer: MicroBT
✓ Model: Whatsminer M36S
✓ Hashrate: 134Th/s
✓ Size: 267.5mm147mm401mm
✓ Weight: Net weight 16kg
✓ Power Supply: AC380V
✓ Minable Coins: BTC/BCH
✓ Power: 3306W
✓ Voltage: 12V
✓ Temperature: 5-40℃
✓ Warranty: 1 year manufacturer repair, parts or replacement
This unit is optimally designed for IMMERSION COOLING and requires 3-phase 380v input


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    Mining Potential with the MicroBT M36S

    The MicroBT M36S, also known as the Whatsminer M36S, is a remarkable mining machine manufactured by MicroBT. This powerful device boasts a dynamic hashrate range of 124Th/s to 130Th/s, enabling miners to tackle complex calculations with ease and efficiency. Additionally, with the recent introduction of an enhanced variant, the hashrate reaches an impressive 134Th/s, pushing the boundaries of mining performance even further. The compact size of 267.5mm147mm401mm and a net weight of 16kg make the M36S a convenient and space-efficient choice for miners. Powered by an AC380V power supply and operating at 3306W, this machine offers substantial mining capabilities while optimizing power consumption. With support for mining both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the MicroBT M36S provides flexibility for miners looking to maximize their mining operations. Operating within a voltage range of 12V and a temperature range of 5-40℃, this mining machine adapts to diverse mining environments, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

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    Mining with the MicroBT M36S++

    The MicroBT M36S++ is an advanced mining machine designed to revolutionize cryptocurrency mining. With a remarkable hashrate ranging from 148T to 172T, this powerhouse delivers exceptional computational performance, ensuring optimal mining efficiency and profitability. The M36S++ boasts a power ratio of 31J/T, emphasizing energy efficiency without compromising on hashing power. Operating on an AC380V power supply, this mining machine offers stability and reliability for uninterrupted mining operations. Its compact size of 267.5mm147mm401mm and a net weight of 16kg (17kg with packaging materials) make it an ideal choice for various mining setups. Custom-made power cables and Ethernet connectivity provide seamless integration into mining networks. With liquid temperature tolerance ranging from 20℃ to 45℃ in normal mode and 20℃ to 40℃ in high-performance mode, the M36S++ ensures optimal cooling for long-lasting mining performance. Moreover, the limited data flow of ≥24L/min and flow control accuracy of ±10% guarantee efficient cooling and temperature management. Elevate your mining experience and unlock the full potential of cryptocurrency mining with the MicroBT M36S++.

MicroBT M36S
Manufacturer MicroBT
Model Whatsminer M36S
Hashrate 124Th/s – 130Th/s – 134Th/s
Size 267.5147401mm
Weight Net weight 16kg
Power Supply AC380V
Minable Coins BTC/BCH
Power 3306W
Voltage 12V
Temperature 5-40℃


Specification Value
Hashrate 148T ± 10% – 172T ± 10%
Power Ratio 31J/T ± 5%
Size 267.5mm147mm401mm
Weight Net weight: 16kg

Weight with packaging materials: 17kg

Power Cable Model Custom made
Internet Connections Ethernet
Liquid Temperature 20℃~45℃@normal mode<br>20℃~40℃@high-performance mode
Liquid Flow Limited Data:≥24L/min

Flow control accuracy ± 10%



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