Tower Oil Cooled Server Cabinet ASIC miner
Tower Oil Cooled Server Cabinet ASIC miner
Tower Oil Cooled Server Cabinet ASIC miner

Lian Li Triple Stack ASIC Immersion Cooling Cabinet


The Lian Li ASIC oil cooling tower cabinet is now available for crypto hardware.

ASIC miner Liquid cooling system highlights:


✔️ Provides a better operating environment for the equipment
✔️ Isolates external particles and contaminants
✔️ Greatly reduces the impact of oxidation
✔️ Improves the service life of equipment, and equipment efficiency
✔️ Real-time temperature monitoring
✔️ Multiple security protections
✔️ Support remote control
✔️ Does not void Vipera CYCLESAFE warranty
✔️ Extreme overclocking capabilities
✔️ Completely silent
✔️ 1 year manufacturer replacement parts warranty included
✔️ Suitable for a maximum of 18 ASICs
As with all immersion cooling solution, this product requires 3-phase 380v power input, water cooling tower, vales, piping and professional installation. We recommend Shell S5X or S3X immersion fluid (not included).
Ships in 10 days from payment by sea freight (30-50 day transit). For air express, there is a premium shipping cost to be paid separately. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. For bulk inquiries, consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.
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Product Size: ‎125*83*205CM
Oil Tank size: ‎60*70*45CM*3, capacity 190L*3
PDU: ‎ 12positions 16A*3, < 42KW*3
Heat Exchanger: 50KW*3
Power System/380V:  Master switch 225A, AC contactor 100A3
Pump: Caliber DN40; water flow 214L/min; Ilift 25 meters; power 1.5KW
Security System:  5 kinds of protection functions, the monitoring system supports online upgrade
Net Weight: 380 KG
Noise Level: 50DB


  • Immersion Cabinet Quick Start Guide
    06 Mar 2023 2 MB


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