H200 Hydro Cooling System
H200 Hydro Cooling System

FogHashing H200 Hydro Cooling System Scalable for Warehouses


200KW Cooling Capacity

H200- S Support up to 36 Antminer S21/S19 Hydro

H200-M Support 20 Whatsminer M63s.

Multiple Sensor Monitor

Contain flow, pressure, temperature, conductivity, and oil-leakage sensors.

10″ HMI Display & PLC

Digital display and automatic flow/temperature/electrical control.

High Outlet Temperature

Up to 80° C outlet temperature, designed for heat reuse.

High Quality Material

Stainless steel pipes, valves, filters, etc.

Easy to Install & Maintain

Hydro quick connector design, easy to remove and replace.

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    Modular Hydro Cooling Mining Solution

    200kW Sufficient Cooling Capacity.
    • Meet the heat dissipation demand of hydro cooling mining system.
    Compatible with Whatsminer/Antminer Rack System.
    • 42U modular rack system design
    Designed for Bitcoin Mining Heat Recovery.
    • Solution designed according to heating needs, optional dry cooler or cooling tower.
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    Safety Assurance and Easy Maintenance

    The utilization of high-quality stainless steel pipelines and liquid safety detection ensures the system's safety.

    The unique single-circuit design simplifies both the installation and maintenance processes.

    Enjoy a one-year warranty and comprehensive after-sales service.

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    Advanced Control and Multi-Sensor Monitoring

    Features a 7 inches HMI display and PLC for digital display and automatic control, along with integrated flow, pressure, temperature, conductivity, and leakage sensors to comprehensively monitor system status.

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    Outstanding Heat Dissipation and Heat Recovery Design

    Maintains optimal temperature during high-power operation and achieves a high outlet temperature of up to 80°C for efficient heat recovery.




Size 1550mm(W)*2200mm(H)*400mm(D) 800mm(W)*2100mm(H)*1000mm(D)
System Power Load (MAX) 226kW 210kW
Miner Capacity 36 S21/S19 Hydro 20 Whatsminer M63s
Input Voltage 3-Phase 380V-415V, 50/60Hz 3-Phase 380V-480V,50/60Hz
PDU PDC/PDU 20 Port SA2-30 Smart PDU
Network 1000M Network Switch*2 1000M Network Switch
Operation Temperature -25 ~ 35℃ -25℃~45℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95%RH 5%~95%RH
Water Manifold Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Hose PE/PTFE Hose + Quick Connects PE/PTFE Hose + Quick Connects



H200 CDU
Size 800mm(W)*2100mm(H)*1000mm(D)
Cooling Capacity 200kW
Power 3.5kW
Input Voltage 3-Phase 380V-480V, 50/60Hz
Cooling Medium Pure water/Soften water+Antifreeze+Corrosion Inhibitor
Inlet/Outlet 10°C (Normal)
14°C (High Performance)
Rated Flow Rate 20m³/h
Operating Temperature -25℃~45℃
Operating Humidity 5%~95%RH
PLC System Constant flow control with pressure regulation
Communication Method Modbus-RTU,TCP/IP
Design Pressure 0.3MPa



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