IBeLink BM-K3 Mini 5TH/s (KDA)


Manufacturer: IBELINK

Model: BM-K3 MINI

Condition: Brand New

Dimensions: 170mm x 88mm x 178mm

Weight: 2kg

Noise Level: 35db

Hashrate Options:

    • 5 TH/s (Default Mode)
    • 3.5 TH/s (Low Power Mode)

Power Consumption:

    • 290W (Default Mode)
    • 170W (Low Power Mode)

PSU: Not included. You can use any standard modular PC Power Supply.

Interface: RJ-45 Ethernet

Warranty: 6 months manufacturer


This is a preorder for the March production batch, with delivery in April, 2024. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. For bulk inquiries, consult a live chat agent or call our toll-free number.

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    Compact Mining Power

    Meet the latest innovation from iBeLink, the BM-K3 Mini, a brand new addition to the world of cryptocurrency mining. This compact powerhouse stands out with its petite dimensions of 170mm by 88mm by 178mm, making it a space-efficient choice for miners who are short on room but big on ambitions. Weighing in at just 2kg, the BM-K3 Mini can easily be positioned anywhere, from a small desk corner to the tightest shelves, without sacrificing performance for size. Moreover, with a noise level of only 35db, it operates as quietly as a library, ensuring a silent yet efficient mining operation.

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    Efficiency Meets Flexibility in the BM-K3 Mini

    The BM-K3 Mini is not only about its small stature; it also boasts impressive flexibility in its operation. With a hashrate of 5 TH/s in its default mode, this machine is built to deliver powerful performance for serious miners. For those looking to optimize energy consumption, the low power mode reduces the hashrate slightly to 3.5 TH/s while cutting down the power usage to an economical 170W, compared to 290W in the default setting. This adaptability makes the BM-K3 Mini a smart choice for miners who are energy-conscious yet demand robust performance. Despite such versatility, it's worth noting that the power supply unit (PSU) is not included, allowing miners the freedom to choose their own preferred PSU model. Lastly, the inclusion of an Ethernet interface ensures that the BM-K3 Mini stays connected and ready for action in the ever-evolving crypto mining landscape.

Manufacturer IBELINK
Model BM-K3 MINI
Condition Brand New
Dimensions 170MM*88MM*178MM
Weight 2KG
Noise 35db
Hashrate 5 TH/S (Default Mode)

3.5 TH/S (Low Power Mode)

Power 290W (Default Mode)

170W (Low Power Mode)

Interface Ethernet



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