BOX 200KW 39-Unit Immersion Cooling Cabinet


✔ Overall shape and size of the product (length × width × height): 3800mm × 984mm × 850mm, which can hold 39 sets of Antminer S19 or similar ASIC format.
✔ According to the number and power of servers, the vertically-assembled immersion cooling container can be reassembled vertically to use in larger places.
✔ Secondary utilization of heat energy.
✔ 2 year manufacturer parts replacement warranty.
✔ Increase overclocking performance of your ASICs up to 60%.
✔ The 200KW immersion cooling container is composed of immersion cooling Freezer Body, Pipeline Canned Pump, Brazing Plate with Heat Exchanger and accessories.
✔ Be advised immersion cooling will VOID the warranty of your ASIC should Bitmain, Goldshell, MicroBT and other manufacturers deem your returned unit was overclocked and cooled with dielectric fluid.


Please note shipping DDP sea freight service to the USA is about $2,527 USD and comes in a wooden crate. All sales final. No returns or cancellations. Air freight is not possible with this model. COOLANT NOT INCLUDED. Fan simulation spoofers for each fan input (4 per ASIC) are not included.


BE ADVISED THIS MODEL REQUIRES A DRY COOLING TOWER FOR FLUID EXCHANGE. If you do not wish to source them locally due to shipping costs and lead times, the options are listed below:
$3,530 USD for 20 ton tower (40kw cabinet)
$5,915 USD for 60 ton tower (120kw cabinet)
$7,525 USD for 80 ton tower (200kw cabinet)

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    This is 200KW immersion cooling cabinet for Miner cooling in the process of work. It adopts self-developed immersion cooling system to improve the cooling and heat dissipation of server in a more effective way. Suitable for all mining machines (can place 39 sets of Antminer S19).

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    Ideal For Medium

    and Large Crypto Ops

    For medium and large-scale company, this is a very convenient and quick way to overclock with oil cooling. By applying our fluid cooling cabinet, clients are available to mine as their wishes, even in their garden. Noise generated by the devices will be defused by the cabinet. From now on, clients will have a quiet and efficient mining farm. Through our adapted PSU and software, the devices can achieve a 60% increase in hash rate and reduce the cost of each mining machine. And as the number of mining machines increases.

  • Product Advantage

    +60% hashrate
    Overclocking and fine-tuning with custom firmware effects from 40% to 60% more hashrate. May require mechanical adaptation, additional PSU’s or custom immersion firmware!

    Low failure rate
    By reducing the influence of high temperature, humidity, dust, and vibration, the failure rate of equipment can be reduced by 60%, and the cost of equipment operation and maintenance can be reduced by 85%.

    Long equipment life
    By reducing the contamination, overheating and rust of the mining machine, the service life of the mining machine hardware is increased by about 4-5 years.

    Environmentally friendly
    Different from the traditional mineral cooling oil, the cooling oil is non-toxic, harmless, and can be degraded rapidly in the environment like water and soil.

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    ✔ The device can connect to a local WIFI network and managed remotely.
    ✔ Onboard LCD allows for visual operation status and settings.
    ✔ Touch buttons offer users massive convenience in settings. More easily, customers can operate it through an APP on cellphone under the mode of WIFI.
    ✔ Simple installation and commission, high cost performance. It is equipped with an alarm of super-high temperature to monitor and control liquid levels and temperature on a real-time basis.
    ✔ With the protection devices of electricity leakage, the system provides reliable and efficient technical support for equipment protection and personal safety.

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    Installation Diagram

    Requires professional installation and components which are not included, yet can easily be sourced locally.

Capacity 200 KW
Order Quantity (MOQ) 1
Dimensions 3800*984*850mm
Internal Dimension 2777*984*475mm
Net Weight 460/KG
Parameters (Take S19 series as an example) 39
Major Switch Capacity 350A
Rated Current 305A
Input Voltage 380V~415V AC 50/60HZ
Operating Power 200KW
Fluid Consumption 1200L


  • BOX 200KW Instruction Manual
    10 Sep 2022
  • BOX 200KW Instruction Manual
    10 Sep 2022 7 MB


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