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MicroBT Whatsminer M50 Series Launch and Pre-Orders

MicroBT Whatsminer M50 Series Launch and Pre-Orders

  • Published On: 12 Apr 2022
  • Categories: Miners

MicroBT, one of the world’s leading ASIC manufacturers held its Whatsminer M50 series launch on April 06 this year at the Bitcoin 2020 event in Miami, USA, and the announcements were both bold and optimistic.


To start, MicroBT released three new models of ASIC miners into the market. The new models, dubbed M50, M50S & M53 are the most efficient, highest-performing ASIC miners from MicroBT to date. The upgraded series come equipped with a smaller, 5nm processor instead of the industry standard 7nm processors traditionally used in ASIC designs. This leads to a smaller surface area, lower heat buildup and a 15% increase in efficiency. The chips come from an impressive partnership with electronics giant, Samsung, and will be a key aspect of MicroBT’s growth over the next few years. Samsung has been making processors for ASIC manufacturers like Bitmain for several years now and even speculate about a 3nm chip in the near future, something MicroBT would hope to secure.


The M50 and M50s ASIC models employ highly efficient air cooling systems to help maintain stable, low temperatures whilst the M53 utilizes a liquid cooling system, a technology that has only recently found its way to ASIC miners.


The M50 is capable of 114TH/s at 3306 watts, equating to 26 Joules per Terahash. This provides a small but incremental increase, roughly 5%, over MicroBT’s previous flagship model, the M30s++ and is set to offer better stability than its predecessor.


The M50S is everything the M50 lives up to with a bonus 12TH/s in additional hash power. Capable of 126TH/s at 3276 watts the Joules to Terahash ratio is 26. This is a 15% increase in efficiency and gains from the M30s++ and is set to become MicroBT’s affordable and powerful option for clients around the world.


However, the new flagship model ASIC miner from MicroBT is the M53. Upgraded with liquid cooling technology, the M53 can reach 226TH/s at 6554 watts equating to 29J/th. MicroBT is the second ASIC manufacturer so far to use liquid cooling technology and the impressive gains in hashrate will surely move competitors in the same direction. The liquid cooling tech will provide heat recovery for the ASIC miner during operation with little noise, no dust accumulation and a lower failure rate than previous models.


Mass production is currently underway and MicroBT has announced they will be ready to distribute roughly 30,000 units per month as early as Q3 of 2022. MicroBT is also focusing on adding more to their offering by implementing an after-sales care package that includes instant online technical support, 1 on 1 online repair training, 6 authorized repair locations with 5 more being added this year and the first-ever 1-year warranty in the crypto industry.


MicroBT’s Whatsminer ASICs are an attractive option for Bitcoin mining and the Samsung partnership, after-sales service and high-quality miners will allow them to maintain their position as one of the world’s leading ASIC manufacturers.


With affordable options, an outstanding management platform, solid uptime reliability and a serious value proposition for larger-scale operations with cheaper power costs, it’s no wonder crypto mining farms like Bitfarms employ the use of MicroBT ASIC Miners. Generally cheaper and more reliable than Bitmain and Canaan, Micro BT positions itself as an attractive alternative to competitors in the industry.


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