Advisory: the mid-Autumn festival in China will delay all outbound shipping from our Hong Kong warehouse until October 6th. S19K Pro 120T now in stock. S21, S21 Pro and S21 Hydro now available for Q2 2024 preorder. Be advised we no longer support credit card payments with Amazon Pay and are exclusively with Stripe until further notice. Vipera now offers turn-key setup services mid-large mining operations. Hosting colocation for UAE, Norway and USA is currently fully booked as of 09.25.2023.
mining price is reliant on the cryptocurrency being mined

FEATURED MINING SOLUTIONS Q1.2023 BEST CRYPTOCURRENCY MINERS AND COOLING CABINET IN 2023 Download Mining Brief As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to rise, so does the demand for crypto mining hardware. Crypto miners are specialized computers that are designed to solve complex mathematical equations in […]

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Exeton Velocity MS-100

A.I. INFRASTRUCTURE Q1.2023 Artificial intelligence (AI), once the subject of people’s imaginations and main plot of science fiction movies for decades, is no longer a piece of fiction, but rather commonplace among people’s daily lives whether they realize it or not BREAKING BOUNDARIES EXETON A.I. […]

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Which is The Best Graphics Card for Mining and Gaming?

Graphic cards are among the essential components of a personal computer (PC). Also referred to as a graphics processing unit, or GPU, graphic cards practically appear as a miniature motherboard. They are essential for carrying out the proper functioning of electronic devices. GPU can largely […]

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What is a hologram? A hologram is a three-dimensional projection that may be viewed without specific equipment like cameras or glasses. Because the image can be viewed from any angle, the object will appear to move and shift realistically as the viewer wanders around the […]

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